What's In A Green Witch Bag?

There're many kinds of Green Witches.

Some are known as Domestic Goddesses, can cook up a creative storm in the kitchen, often creating original recipes to show with the world. Some are Gardener Goddesses with a magical green thumb, all they plant will grow like mad, they might have a problem trying to ease the growth back! 

Spells are such that too much too soon can be as disastrous as too little ambition, not trusting the universe enough to provide, not asking the universe constantly enough, afraid of coming across greedy or selfish, even if we really need it for survival reasons. 

Look, God doesn't judge, spiritually misaligned people judge, don't confuse worldly dysfunctional lower conscious behaviours with divine higher conscious ones. 

We're usually interested in Herbology, find inspiration from nature, we can hike for hours without tiring.

Ask us to be gym rats, eerrrmmm no thanks, we aren't meant to spin on a wheel to nowhere in concrete cages build to restrict and not free, no matter how classy the place is, no matter how it adds to our social status, no matter how "right" we will come across to militant over exercisers and dieters. 

We're humans not hamsters. Women aren't also suppose to exist to breed a mountain of babies like hamsters too, we're not birthing machines, having babies don't define us. 

We can feel more at ease amongst plant life than around human life, we "talk" to plants energetically, we can feel their pain, we know exactly what they need as we clear our chakra blockages, the messages become louder and clearer, our doubt fades and our faith increases. 

Some Green Witches are pet psychics, they have the view that animals must be free and live wild, zoos irk them, they can't tolerate seeing animals abused. They prefer animal sanctuaries or wildlife parks where animals are treated with respect, free to be themselves. 

Some are vegetarians, some are into animal rescue work. It doesn't seem related, but it is, animals are part of the eco system of plant life, without animals to irrigate the soil, to pollenate and spread seeds around, plant life wouldn't be able to survive.

This job is often done by animals deemed insignificant by many, basically they're the low wage blue collar workers of the animal kingdom, they're mistreated the same way human blue collar workers are exploited. Politicians refuse to implement a minimum wage so people can work and live with dignity, instead of being caught within a circle of poverty! 

Not having employment opportunities rob our dignities as much as the damage caused to our overworked bodies becomes a cycle of social harm, keeping us trapped inside a way of life that's empty, in an attempt to climb up from poverty, the process itself creates an inner void of "something missing", feeling lost, feeling like outcasts and internalising how we're dehumanised on the regular in many ways. 

Healing means deprogramming from dysfunctional social narratives that aren't in sync with the universal service for holistic greater good, gaining knowledge about social injustice is part of spiritual cultivation.

It's not only about the marketable socially praised cuddly cute animals too, it's about communing especially with the animals who're mistaken, those that're fabled to be bad and scary like black animals or Crows. Communing with those dismissed as lowly and "not the right kind" of animals like Millipedes.

These animal forms represent the marginalised and wronged, those are the ones who're equipped to change the world like how marginalised people hold the wisdom to unlock world suffering through gaining insights into our personal suffering and fearlessly sharing it with others. 

Talks of essential workers like supermarket shelf stockers, store cashiers, food delivery personal and janitors have surfaced during the pandemic, this is a good sign of people gaining some awareness of how classism works.

While it's a still a long road for many to gain any kind of enlightenment, the pandemic has forced many to revisit the greater meaning of life and some have awaken through it. 

Exploitation of human bodies come from the same attitudes that destroy the climate, when we destroy farm land, plants and animals, we destroy ourselves and each other along with them. 

As a part Green Witch, my practice consist of foraging first in my own backyard, then outside. I also have a green thumb, I remember throwing some Kang Kong seeds randomly in my garden, not knowing anything about organic farming, it was growing by itself like mad.

I soon had a carpet of it, I didn't even water them at all, my family couldn't finish eating them fast enough! That was my entry into how farm to table works, they were so tender and so fresh, I remember thinking how lousy even the high end big box supermarket produce is!

They're super expensive and they taste nothing close to my God given goodness in my own backyard. 

This was in my twenties, many moons ago.  

When I went to get more seeds, I saw how long the supposed life span for them were. Blimey, they went on and on and on by themselves, up to 3-4 times what was stated. I remember feeling a little special because of that, feeling proud of myself in a way I can't describe with clarity then.

Now I know this is simple joy that comes from the truest part of me, it is a gift of alignment and comes from the Holy Spirit that we all have within us. 

Sometimes, magic is these sudden surprise moments when your heart feels full and you feel extra good about little things that shouldn't matter. Things that usually don't matter to those spiritually asleep or soul dead but remind you of how special you always were in the eyes of God. 

You know, those people who go "but Kang Kong is a few dollars from the wet market"! Some people just don't get it, it's an experience that made me think a bit harder about classism, how labour is perceived for different people and how it's financially rewarded at the end of the day. 

That's the divine seed planted within us, that can be nurtured by aligned people around us. 

Puns puns, glorious puns. I love puns, I can out pun anyone. Brew ha ha. 

Your soulmate praising you, someone seeing the real you without saying a word, someone appreciating what many have skipped by, someone taking a moment to stop and take notice, to let you know you matter.

Someone being fully present when you're in pain, someone's silent centered presence that can make it that much better, our energy can bring so much into a space, never underestimate curating it. 

I make rice water to thank plants that provide me with herbs for my Magick. Remember that all things bloom in reciprocity, when we offer them unconditional love, as human as is plants as is animals, we're all linked in sacred geometry. 

You can also leave some fertiliser, water or Moon Water, it's all about genuine intentions, it's never about your legitimate systemic limitations.

The universe always knows when you're trying hard, the universe knows even if no one knows. Even if people are pressuring you to overwork, admonishing you and judging you, exploiting you and demeaning you, trust that heaven always knows, spiritually aligned people or spiritually gifted people (different groups) also always know. 

I'm a spiritually gifted old soul, I still have to put in effort as well. 

Alignment requires diligence, it can only be constant when it's ritualised, you can't expect to be fair weathered to a higher power and not build a relationship with your highest God self yet expect her to provide you with unlimited providence that see you through valleys of despair.  

That is ego! 

I remember breaking down in tears because I was so overworked in the past, I was always burning out, I was soul exhausted. CPSTD comes with chronic fatigue and not everyone is understanding, my limits are genuine, I can only do so much without self harm. 

I felt unlovable and abandoned, like a "dirty" child no one wants, left to stand alone in my stained clothes in the middle of my inner turmoil and constant psychic and psychical pain, no one to invite me in for a bath or gave me a hug.

They even scolded me for self care using my own money even though I was doing so much unpaid volunteer work on top of my paid work, I still weren't good enough for them. 

It took me self studying narcissism for the last 4 years to reveal to me why this was such, I still had to process the grief and the lost of me believing I really wasn't good enough. 

That lost girl was an inner wounded child dream I had in 2017, when I was destroying my old thinking and revamping myself anew. People until today don't get how much effort it requires and I'm too excited about living my new life to busy myself justifying it to them! 

I'm tired, it's a lot of thankless labour, the irony is people who need it most are often the ones who push it away the most as well. Those who lack humility will lack Godliness, those who lack Godliness will always think someone's social station is all there is.

It's the thinking that a blue collar worker doesn't deserve the respect that a CEO does, that the littlest people right at the bottom don't have a right to live with dignity, don't need intentionally drafted policies to create opportunities to showcase their potentials. 

Part of being a witch is honouring your limitations, knowing how to pace yourself, as long as you're learning and growing, brew ha ha to naysayers, bye bitches! 

This is a forage kit I put together.

1. Paper towels for wet plants

2. A pair of gloves in case of thorns

3. A pair of shears

4. A few containers to separate them out

5. A bottle of rice water

6. A magical key to guide you to the plants you need

7. Herbalism Grimoire

8. A money bag

9. A pencil case I handmade from scratch

You need gloves because some plants have poisonous sap, some plants are poisonous. You can take a pic or cut off a small piece to compare when you get home to do your research, just remember not to touch them with bare hands. Remember to clean your shears as well, you don't want to transfer it, even if you're not eating the herbs. 

When you consume what nourishes your spirit first, be it food, knowledge, do purpose driven work and buy what helps you achieve your goal of a soul mission, you dive deeper into popular social perceptions, you will peel off another layer shrouding your innermost self. 

At the end of the day, what we really really need is spiritual nourishment, this includes taking empowered actions to grow, not seeking people's approval and not wallowing in victim mentality.

People with victim mentalities often see the locus of control outside of themselves, they're looking for human saviours to clear a lifetime of bad habits, wounds, change society and enlighten them all at once. They want to be irresponsible so you will be responsible for the things you can't, like their emotional states. 

Hello, we experience 99 emotional states a day, it might not all be different emotions but emotional dysregulation will definitely cause you stress, just as it's stressfully impossible for someone else to do it for you. 

This thinking we're singled out for extra terrible treatment is the most common ego trap, it makes us feel alone, it tempts us by rewarding us with instantly self soothing ideas.

When the long term effects of staying in shameful silence, bottling up and shoving all we're socialised to view as bad aside will kill our mental health, will end up killing us before we can even change much of society. 

I can't tell you how many people imagined I got it better than them, it's all irrational filling in the blanks, none of their judgement is based on reality, that is not magic, that is mental distress showing up, that is fear.

The most frightening part is their awareness is so low, their hearts are so small, they have no clue. 

Which is also why I'm confident about my magic. The people who do all the right worldly things, the people who try so hard, they self improve, they read, they toil work 2-3 times harder than others, the people who care for many compared to most, the people who still need to rediscover the core of themselves they have drifted away from nonetheless.

I was that person and now I'm a different person, a whole healed better version of my old self, I owe it all to the guidance of my spirit. 

The people who already have a seed planted in them to pay it forward always are my favourite people to help, I know we can only sustain life when they have at least big hearted enough to have this core motivation, they bloom and prosper when they're around me, it makes me feel good and it enriches their lives.

I love it!  

Whether it's silently listening to animals during my hikes or speaking to my domesticated pets, it's super fun for me, sharing a photo of the first merry meet between my two familiars - Oskar De La Mew my cat & Fememeist my rabbit.

Often people assume I learned empowerment through feminism when I learned it through observation of Oskar, how as an abandoned uncertain cat who was shaky in his knees, he was also gentle and kind. He blossomed into one who climbs, lounges, hunts and leaps without reservations after I adopted him from a cat mill.

Main thing is he did it while still being gentle and kind, I was inspired and impressed by him! 

He made me understand how I can heal my wounds without losing my kindness, so keeping my empathy was the main teaching I held close to my heart for the last 4 years, it has served me well, I surpassed all who started at the same time. 

It's truly a miracle and I treasure it with all my heart. 

I often pray to him in heaven to help me and he always does, dead familiars can still help us, our connection with them don't cease because their physical bodies are gone.

Love Light Peace

Luna Salix

Instagram: luna_salix 

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