I'm Luna.

My inner world is called Luna Salix. 

I use to have 56 parts, all dissociated inside my brain, some are single parts for one function and some are sophisticated parts like an entire person.

Let's just say, it's never lonely in my head! 

I had 5 diagnosed mental illnesses, none of them fully explained all of me, until I was diagnosed with the sixth, which was DID.

The mental illnesses belonged to different parts of me (yes, it's complicated with a capital C). Without understand the entire system, treatment only made a minute difference, it was so exhausting to work so hard at healing and make so little progress.                 

I struggled with my mental health since 2, that was when my first traumatic event occurred. 

I have suffered countless violent traumatic events from 0 to 21. 

I hope to be a ray of hope, for anyone who struggles with their mental health. If I can do it, so can you! 

The glittery stardust (parts of parts) have integrated back into the wholeness of starship enterprise. It took years of blood, sweat, U-turns, setbacks and tears, but I made it to "the other side". 

I didn't know I was crossing over but OK! 

I am mental illness free and here to share my story. 

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❤️ Love 💫 Light 🙏🏽 Peace

Luna Salix

Instagram: luna_salix