I'm Luna.

I have a masters in social work with over 20 years of global corporate experience, I'm a proud dog mom of a dachshund as well.

I'm also a trauma informed LGBTQ+ inclusive certified talk & somatic therapist, specialising in childhood trauma for adults. 

When I got sexually assaulted by a stranger in 2016, it opened floodgates of lifelong repressed trauma buried inside my subconscious mind. I felt I was drowning every day, I feared my mind would be forever broken. 

I was 36 and felt as powerless as a 2 year old. I didn't know what brokenness really meant until then. Like most adults, I carried fragmented bits of myself throughout my life and made the best of it. 

"No pain no gain", "sink or swim", "when the going gets tough, the tough gets going", were my life mantras. 

The problem wasn't the productivity, I have been an admirable role model all my life, an all rounder good at everything.

The problem was the pervasive absence of joy no matter how accomplished I was and the inner void that seemed to vacuum me into doom spirals, the constant lack of "good enough" and overall calmness that haunted my entire being. 

How is it that I'm suddenly retrieving traumatic childhood memories that involved physical/emotional/psychological/sexual violence? Memories from as young as 5 were coming back, I felt trapped in a prison of my mind and body.

M trauma finally caught up with me. 

I was running so fast, running on empty, I came to see how I have always been running away from my pain. I was running back to the only thing that really mattered when push came to shove.

My ruined health. 

I wanted to scream WHY DIDN'T SOMEONE TELL ME, I suffered my whole life due to an inner wounded child.

I had PTSD since 2 and full blown CPTSD since 14, I got treatment at 36. 

36 years trapped inside my trauma, 36 years that I don't want others to suffer. 

Who was I? I didn't know anymore.

I'm not this hot mess, I found it hard to accept. 

I had to reinvent myself, from scratch. 

I got certified as a therapist within the last 7 years, doing volunteer online advocacy while helping private clients heal the inner wounded child.

I have helped over 2,000 adults so far. 

My lived self healing experiences added another dimension to my professional ones, it was the validation of my expert team that gained me the courage to pursue this.

I hired a team of healthcare professionals to help me first, I spent 6 figures with the aim of transferring their expertise to fellow traumatised people, through me. 

While I studied night and day to complete my degree. 

If there's one thing that I have always been good at doing, it was being an A student. Learning fast is my forte and I was eager to learn it all, learn it all I did! 

On my team was a naturopathic board certified medical doctor, a trauma informed certified therapist/nutritionist/dietitian, a LGBTQ+ inclusive spiritual leader and a Traditional Chinese Medicine doctor. 

I also read over 80 self help books about childhood trauma since then, I became hooked on this topic. 

I no longer have CPTSD. 

My productivity levels are sky high, my health is top notch, I even accidentally reversed visual aging in the process.

I'm here to share it with you.

Please join me by following me, social media links are below. 

Love Light Peace

Luna Salix

Instagram: luna_salix