What #cancelstudentdebt Taught Me About Woke But Broke

Let me get this straight, so rich Americans pay the highest level of taxes so there’s federal funds to #CancelStudentDebt but the people who scream CSD generalise all rich people into corrupt, greedy and heartless.

They get offended when called incompetent freeloaders but the rich don’t want to be judged like them is politically incorrect, so the rich must muzzle themselves or worse, justify their morality but poor people get a free pass under the idealistic disempowered assumption that "bad things happen to good people", that all poor people are intrinsically morally correct and can't make lousy decisions ever. 

They behave as if poor people have an automatic shield to prevent corruption but rich people somehow lack it. If it's true that wealth and power comes together, they can buy it, no? There're many superficial shallow people around, look at all the idiotic influencers without any brains, skills or college education, their main goal is looking pretty, they proudly declare how many hours they spend to take that one perfect photo, twerking scantily cladded to music is a sign of body confidence. 

They're so basic that they get popular because they're.

Everyone likes an underachiever, they aren't intimidating, being around them can be soothing, when you compare, you aways feel better about yourself. They're also not the kind of people you pay as well, they can gain a large online following fast, people would never trust them with money. 

The rich can buy power over the massive herds of mindless sheep without any ability to think for themselves, not as if rich good stewards are given credit since so many have weak principles and values so people might as well be rich and misunderstood rather than poor and misunderstood, it makes sense. 

Then judgmental poor people are baffled why rich people don’t mix with them proclaiming it's all about the rich being arrogant. 

No one likes entitled demanding people who cross boundaries, why is it so hard to understand?

I met plenty of judgmental people, both poor and rich, the classier rich people who're well educated and usually working tend to have a more balanced view of society, especially if they work in the public sector where they meet people from various socioeconomic levels, they're humbled by reality.

The ones who aren't working usually have no common sense, are intellectually and emotionally stunted adults, they never outgrew their childhood pampering, they rely on parents, spouse or their kids, they have zero independence to speak of.

That also comes with its own set of stressors, they're under their thumbs and aren't exactly free, you can indeed be rich and trapped. 

There's a difference between the pedigree rich and the nouveau riche, the former is well schooled on social graces of the wealthy, the latter ostracised for their ostentatious flaunting.

You can't really learn these things from a book, except by being around them or being one of them. There's plenty of friction between these two groups as well, the philanthropy style is also different because their ethos is different. Either group might not be well educated as well, not all rich people read or stay in school, some indeed are purposeless bums, a genuine disgrace to themselves, their parents and a nation.

Starting off with more has never meant ending up with even more, people can squander inheritance away just like they can squander a pay check away, spendthrifts start off from all socioeconomic levels. 

Poor people have an illusionary idea that wealth will 100% insulate them, so they work very hard (for free I might add) to break down what they see as these walls between the wealthy and the poor so rich people will finally taste the chaos on the streets and give up what they see as their dues.

As if. 

Do they think rich people are going to stand in the balcony window, spray money out of their own pockets while poor people stand in the streets to catch a windfall

No wonder so many people play the lottery, this thinking is as good as playing the lottery, the house always wins and they don't get it, they're set up to lose.

Those few winners are leeching off the rest who lose, but you don't see them hating on them, the people who didn't do anything to earn it.

But the ones who do the daily grind are the assholes now? 

So they become street criminals to hold suit criminals accountable, both sides think they’re holier when thou, on the right side of history. They scream vague ideas of exploitation, pump their fists in the air to express their anger at capitalism, have zero impulse control, get offended easily and hurl accusations at anyone who advise them otherwise, without the ability to civilly discourse without coming unhinged. 

So those who live within their means, didn’t enrol in college because they prioritised bill paying, those who paid off school debt by missing out on luxuries now have to tolerate them calling it "predatory loans".

This kind of misinformed social justice becomes more social injustice, responsible people just feel resentful how they walked the right path and did what an honourable citizen is suppose to do, now they're penalised and asked to shut up as someone else gets a free ride on their hard earned taxes. 

Like loans is a stalking wolf that hunted them down in the concrete jungle and they were innocent docile lambs that accidentally fell into the unseen trap of capitalistic deceit.

Big bad capitalistic wolf caught the little red riding hood.

It would be entertaining if it wasn't so infantilised. 

Instead of it being a clear exchange of money for education, a big ticket item that must be carefully planned for with the intention of paying back. If the pandemic didn't happen, they would still have to grapple with debt, these things don't just disappear magically.

A nation actually need people to work hard, to manage money responsibly so they don't burden a system, far too many people aren't self reliant in any way shape or form, emotionally, mentally or financially. 

Like as if even if a rich person was empathetic to them, they actually won't be  filled with crazy unrealistic ideals, are able to set down biases enough to even see it.
As if there wasn’t a generation of poor inside everyone’s family, they imagine they were random “lucky” people so those fortunate bastards who inherited wealth must be punished.
They think money fell from the sky, so they think money should fall out of other people's pockets into theirs. 
Like as if only poor people work hard and get nowhere but rich people are all bums who sit around enjoying high tea and luxury shopping every day, they forget that rich people want purposeful meaningful lives too!
At least, the proper rich people do. LOL. 
They want to revenge on the rich, the mythical shield of poverty is suppose to be an invincible one, one they defend by having double standards while expecting one way empathy. 
The problem is financial illiteracy, personal disempowerment and lack of critical thinking skills. So college was an attempt to legitimise themselves, a transference of a deeper unconscious want of a human saviour to a paper certificate saviour that will solve all their problems. They will hang onto this idea, fight tooth and nail to keep that illusion, like as if the poor can't be just as unhelpful as the rich, being helpful has nothing to do with wealth and everything to do with character. 
While it is true that poor people tend to be more helpful because they depend more on community support while rich ones can survive unassisted, it is for practical reasons, not alway due to altruistic motivations. 
How can these people contribute to society when they can't even self reflect and admit they made a mistake? Notice how people who enjoy shifting blame to institutions, also like to enjoy shifting blame to people who aren't even part of those institutions they hate. They're trying to find scapegoats to emotionally dump their frustrations on so they can continue to refuse responsibility of themselves. 
They lack agency, like to stand around waiting for instructions before they take a step, but will blame you for not indefinitely handholding and coddling them once you profess to care. 
They're infantilised adults looking for mommies and daddies in other adults, since they can't get it, they expect nanny states to take over and do thankless jobs as they stay rebellious regressed Peter Pans without integrity or cute bimbos obsessed about their beauty. 
This is a sign of a victim mentality which activists are constantly feeding and activism thrives on. Preying on the people who have victim mentalities, the people who will self neglect to do free labour, desperate enough to be recruited easily as power stay centralised, changing hands gradually from wealthy men to wealthy women, while most are still trapped in the same class system. The inability to be upwardly mobile is actually how they can continue to exploit activist free labour. Dismantling a class system is central to all forms of discrimination, quit the notion of unpaid emotional labour and pay people instead is so much better. 
One time 10K or 50K debt cancellation isn’t the point, they will chalk up credit card debt for other things they think they deserve down the road anyway, they still lack principles and values, still will not take ownership of their lives.
Then there's the other group of wishful thinking jokers who think self taught is so powerful, random social media posts from neurotic school leavers with fragile hurt feelings is equivalent to a college degree. Kids who never worked a day, not even summer jobs any monkey can do, can now delude themselves that they understand how capitalism works when they haven't earned a dollar. 
They think reading a book can replace 3 to 4 years of college, they think having lived experiences will guarantee them insights but left alone to do so, they're unable to manage, staying stagnant for years. Constantly sprouting nonsense so far off, they're shockingly stupid and frighteningly broken at such a young age, we're witnessing generation D happening, D for destruction. 
Identity politics are giving teens a false sense of security, that by labelling themselves this or that, they're special and deserve special treatment, they feel entitled to everything now, they became self righteous instead of empowered. 
Escaping from real life, they portray a fantasy heroic martyr version behind anonymous online profiles, attempting to do the same thing in real life only to fail constantly. They confuse their online selves for their real selves, erasing their identities to cave into peer pressure instead of strengthening it to develop their authentic selves, they become more bland and more unthinking instead of more interesting and more thoughtful. 
They laugh at college students for being too dumb to know this short cut to knowledge, it seems everywhere I turn is an overly confident person with an uninformed opinion. Americans think their opinions are gold, but they all shout how they didn't find gold as well. If they're exceptional leaders of the free world, why are they always pointing out the problem and not actively solving it? 
It seems most of activism consist of pointing out the problem and not so much solving it. Just a bunch of captain obvious human parrots chanting the same mantra and pretending it is actually empowerment, complete utter waste of time. 
They can't even decipher who to follow, they make up the lowest common denominator of those who lack ambition, ignorant with low esteem, codependent damsels in distress and emasculated men who lack confidence, they have all come online to complain, vent, rant and wallow in self pity. Enabling each other to be more personally irresponsible, while sitting on high horses that charge at each other, always arguing, always fighting. Oh my God, they give me a headache. 
So the self taught mock the college educated for being fools. They have never worked a day beyond minimum wage but can replace professors apparently.
They start their own businesses because they want to screw with those elitist capitalistic exploiters!!!!! I see them slip further into debt and have to start over in 2 years, more buried inside a class system instead. Why the hell would people without any corporate work experience think they can manage a business, they didn't manage themselves into a company where they will get proper feedback, they have absolutely no clue how good or how bad their performance is. 
I used to advise them not to do it, all I got was hostility, so now I don't do it. They don't deserve my mentorship, not like they see it as that, they have no clue what it even is. It's not like people were clamouring to be my mentor either, there was no queue outside my door, I sought them out independently. Even when delivered on a sliver platter, they don't even understand value, the truth is I would never pay them for their sub par labour, they're minimum wage workers for a reason, their mindset is totally skewed for impracticality, they're nowhere close to being grounded in reality. 
I have wisen up, I learned how to bite my tongue instead of jumping in to rescue, even if I'm sure they will hit walls and they will suffer, I learned that people must experience the consequences so they will wake up to themselves. The best teacher of life is life instead, I don't need to jump in just to be plowed down by them, suffer them so I block them from suffering themselves. 
All the preaching of genteel civil talks and patient coaxing is bullshit, they will have to suffer to get a clue, it's unpaid labour people expect from women anyway, it's so much better to tolerate seeing them suffer than being their garbage bin to emotionally dump on, they're more trouble than they're worth and I question the value of their existence all the time. People who don't get their finances in shape are people who can't appreciate the career success of others, they can't gauge value well at all, which makes them unable to add value to humanity as well. 
So their biases screwed them over but people see them as SJW champions during the 2 years, so brave and so strong to stick it to the big man, to challenge Big Brother so courageously. 
I chuckle secretly when I see it happen, it's not like people listen to women anyway, it's exhausting being so taken for granted all the time, to be so underestimated. 
In case you don't know, no matter how rich or how poor, people are going to judge. Many people have poor judgement, many people have preconceived notions they must hang onto to self soothe, many people aren't smart enough to know they aren't smart. 
People generally underestimate what it takes to succeed, the ones who criticise the most are the ones too afraid of stepping out of their comfort zones, they didn't even start so they can't fail. People who try will learn, so many don't even try. 
If you live your life trying to avoid judgment, whether by staying poor because you're too afraid of the baggage of success or you're hoarding wealth like a miserly scrooge who experiences no joy, you have unconscious money fears for sure. 
Woke but broke is a real thing.
The only difference is if you take charge of your finances, you can actually pay your bills, your life doesn't feel out of control. Your mental health is much better, you're more relaxed, you can steer your way out of poverty or contribute to your retirement fund, make sure you aren't dependent on anyone. 
What better way than to stick it to everyone who criticised you, looked down on you, all the insecure people who overspent to portray an image of wealth and all the greedy idiots who ate it hook line and sinker. 
Success means the ability to stick it to every corrupt asshole and purposeless bum as well, it's so much more precise than an invisible enemy you can't pinpoint. Shouting fruitlessly into an echo chamber of  I HATE CAPITALISM is a sign of avoidance, it is not facing your own money fears head on. 

Love Light Peace

Luna Salix

Instagram: luna_salix 

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