5 Signs You're A Fire Witch

Fire Witches are excellent alchemists, they transform people and societies easily, naturally influential, they can be intimidating to those without third eye open, those who can't see their sincerity in helping others. 

They can have a fire sign and fear they might burn others with their directness, they're usually the "tell it like it is" people who don't mince words, it's not for everyone.

They challenge people to become better by burning away what's destroying them within, whether it's social conditioning or dysfunctional thinking, they elevate others by guiding them through the walk of hot coals, where they realise they were stronger than they thought. 

They make dynamic innovative leaders who're fun and interesting, they also can ruthlessly burn bridges when you cross them one too many times. They might try to be palatable and stay small when young because not everyone can handle the full power of a Fire Witch, her energy is so large, she can develop multiple psychic powers help heal those with difficulty communicating. 

Infusing some Green Witch practices can ground her into the Earth element and help her gain more patience with people who need more coaxing to change. 

She is comfortable with change, after all, fire is a state of combustion and renewal, it can destroy as much as it can rebuild on the ashes. She is capable of rapid personal healing, in a way no conventional healer like a staunch "I have official credentials and now I know it all" therapist can understand, a way she can only acknowledge as a miracle herself.

It's magic she has orchestrated and the universe has conspired with her to make happen. It is her effort, her good intentions, her iron will, she often does it alone without help, not many people get her and she's cool with it. 

Fire Witches must also integrate the Water element into her life, she can feel thirsty quite often, feeling she is literally on fire, especially when she gets angry, be aware of dehydration.

She has difficulty tolerating a world of Kumbaya happy shiny people with no depth, she feels tempted to burn them sometimes and must refrain, learn to temper her temper so her relationships will work out well. 

Puns puns, glorious puns! 

It is healthy for a Fire Witch to keep her fire, nothing drags her down more than not stoking her own flames and getting up to some innocent fiery mischief, it is OK to make room for joy, humour, playfulness and laughter. 

She likes red and she does a lot of red candle work, she might want to burn the patriarchy if she's a feminist! 

She also likes to burn offerings, incense and herbs, often creates spells centered on the fire element. She does pretty terribly in water, the more her fire element takes hold, she will find she goes near water to recharge but feels reluctant to dip inside it. The more she grows into her full power, embrace all she is, the more this becomes a no no. 

If she's a female, people might perceive her as masculine or treat her like a man, she will encounter some difficulties navigating a sexist world. She would have thought of herself as a man in a woman's body or mused about how life would be easier if she was in a male physical form, she would fit in better. 

For evolved open minded spiritual practitioners, she is a powerful woman, she is a gender non conforming woman. She possess both Yin and Yang in her, we all have both male and female energy inside us, we're not our bodies but our energy, our bodies are houses for our energy, we must all see past it into people's soul, the real deal, not the casing. 

She might have felt like an outcast when young, felt she's not the "right" kind of woman, she is not a damsel in distress, waiting for a knight to rescue her. She is THE HERO of her own story! She might feel more at ease hanging with the boys, her directness means not many females can handle her. 

While there's no need for her to diminish herself, it is indeed only smart to know when to say what, being brutally honest is only for people who place a high value on honesty and make growth a priority. Some people just want to feel good based on lies, temporary assurance based on false promises and lie she will not. 

When she channels her fire into work, she will fly like the Phoenix and achieve greatness, she will succeed without fail, expressing her confidence in all areas.

Fire Witches make good life coaches, therapists, teachers and professors, they're great orators, especially if they speak from the heart of conviction, they're extremely persuasive, sincere and moving. 

Highly rational minded, she is a problem-solution kind of person, people who want to have a mountain of emo discussions about one topic drains her. She needs to be careful that she doesn't be so chill and go with the flow so much, she forgets she needs to challenge herself to grow as well, a bored Fire Witch is one that falls from the path. 

A Fire Witch who isn't mentally challenge will be distracted and burn herself through self sabotage, it's important to direct energy into her soul mission, stay focused on her path, guided by the holiness of her spirt. 

It's good to help people and keep the greater good in mind, it's also important to make some space for herself, carve out time to find like minded Fire Witches who will never tell her she's "too much" but find her just right, it will be a relief for her not to be surrounded by people who pressure her to lie and pressure her to betray her truth. 

It will be a relief to finally be herself around women who get why she's so strong and get her personality is much more divine and far less worldly. 

She is fearless and has surpassed all the common social narratives of heroism which is a sign she must focus on developing her unique magical style and no longer be so deeply involved in non spiritual things. 

Love Light Peace

Luna Salix

Instagram: luna_salix 

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