How To Feng Shui Magic Your Way To True Love

Mandarin Ducks are auspicious symbols of true love, they mate for life and often travel together, never leaving each other's side. Till death do us part is a promise they take seriously. 

"I got your back, boo", is what I imagine they say to each other. LOL. It's suitable for Twin Flame union, keeping the marriage fire going and also for a healthier spiritual union version of sexual intimacy. 

Add in the earth's genuine unconditional lllooovvveee doctor Rose Quartz on a real Jade lotus leaf, magical powers get supercharged this way. 

The Lotus plant is well known in Buddhist and Hindu culture to be THE symbol of resiliency, growing out of insignificant mud into a beautiful enlightened plant that's self sustaining. 

It's the plant version of the Phoenix rising from the ashes, it's the faith of a mustard seed, it's a symbolic sign of empowerment. 

Buddha is often depicted on a lotus leaf and Goddess Lakshmi is constantly surrounded by many of them. It's one of my favourite symbols as well, so much so that it made it into my limited edition 26 Luna Salix Goddess Rune Collection. 

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When it comes to magic, it is absolutely dependent on the practitioner to consecrate objects to give them life.

Many sellers are advanced practitioners like me, all our wares become magical because we're smudging, praying, practicing rituals and performing rites all the time. 

My stock is stored inside my altar drawers for a reason, so they get a good dose of energetic charging each time I pray. 

There's a lot that goes on behind the scenes that aren't conventionally capitalistic business as usual. For many little witchy businesses like mine, we offer far more than the items itself and it's dependent on potential buyers to have centered good energy, to be able to tell the difference between something magically charged and a regular item. 

It's the same for art, it can be good art aesthetically, for it to be magical art, it's a whole other level, which a lot of witches have reached!  

Mandarin Ducks are great for inviting good luck by placing near the front door, or reviving your sex life by placing inside your bedroom, on your night stand or on your dining room table to foster harmony while celebrating reunion dinner.

Reunion dinner is eaten the night before CNY, where families gather to spread positive energy for the year ahead, get the year started right and the rest of the year would be smooth sailing. 

Add in an environmentally friendly fruit and vegetable basket as a centerpiece to bring in 4 elemental heavenly energies. I keep thinking how great it will look, nestled inside this DIY straight from the garden centerpiece I made for Yuletide. 

May the force be with you! 

The trick is do it on the day itself, you can add flowers, herbs, any harvest from the garden to give a rustic wild free look. 

This was my first attempt, I liked it so much, I'm already planning my CNY version. 

Chinese New Year falls on 1st February this year. Based on the Chinese astrological zodiac, it's Water Tiger year. As a Metal Monkey, I'm stoked.

Tiger, Monkey & Dragon are best mates when it comes to collaboration, I had many encounters with them, sometimes the platonic soulmate bond is far stronger than a romantic love at first sight bond.

I do well around them and they do well around me. They keep on finding me and I keep on finding them. We're drawn to each other like magnets, in the best way possible.

As for the western zodiac, I'm a Leo, I'm a lion, so it works so beautifully together. All the Big Cats in the house! Put your hands in the air like you just don't care! 

What I like the most about Tigers & Dragons is that they don't get intimidated by me. 

My wolf animal spirit is shining bright this year as well, I was gifted my witch name on the 31st of December 2021, which I will use to sign off for the very first time today!

Along with it came direction, ideas and spiritual guidance for a successful year ahead. 

I'm so excited! I'm getting a lot of beautiful vibrations all over already. Goosebumps much? 

I have gotten a ton of spiritual messages, due to knowingly riding New Moon Leo rising these last couple of days, I'm so excited how this will be a fantastic year for me. 

Technically, the new year isn't here yet, for the global Chinese that is.

So if you find yourself trying to keep up with the Gregorian calendar, as if you're always one wheel behind dates, maybe an east meets west approach is more suitable for your spiritual practices. 

If you don't have a night stand, place it far right when you enter your bedroom, that is the golden spot for romance. Make sure that area is always clean, neat and charged. 

The hexagon shape is also speaking loudly to me this year so my runes are destined to be Da Vinci honeycombed.

This is a short list of how being surrounded by crystals is life changing in more ways than one. 

For divinity, we must always read between the lines, see behind the veil, Mandarin Ducks aren't only for romance, they can be used for platonic friendships and business purposes as well.  

They signify loyalty, trust, harmony, unity and faith, not to mention when they're  hand carved by artisans, so we're supporting artists as well. 

Place a set on your office table, place a set near the cash register inside a retail store for an extra boost of good incoming Qi. 

This set featured is available in Singapore only, I don't ship overseas. 

You can get it here.

Love Light Peace,

Luna Salix 

Love Light Peace,

Luna Salix

Instagram: luna_salix 

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