Why Obsidian Is More Effective Than Tourmaline

Tourmaline comes in all colours, the most common ones you see look like shiny charcoal with bits and blobs of natural variations. 
You must always put crystals up to natural sunlight to get the full view, it's just like people living inside lower conscious behind the veil of darkness, they cannot see the magic of the universe, they're filled with disbelief, jaded, soul exhausted, beaten down, in despair.
Good lord, they can't even stay positive and be optimistic, let's not talk about spiritually aligned and magical. 
When we spark that candle inside them, we ignite their light once again, they start to see deeper into themselves, they start to awaken to the possibilities, they start to see a tiny sustainable lamp that refuse to be snuffed out and that lamp is enough for them to hang on, so the light army of healers and feminists can join forces to keep them shining in our various destined ways.
Never underestimate a moment of kindness, so many people feel invisible and feel so lost, sometimes they just need one soul to understand how much they're suffering and they remember you forever.
You can't shake them off even if you want to, you're a magnet for people, they're drawn to you, often without being able to rationalise why, this is daily magic, this is daily soul connection. 
There's green tourmaline, sliced watermelon tourmaline, rainbow tourmaline, etc. What guts me is how people can admire their physical beauty but be unable to capture their core hidden essence, just like being so caught up in physical beauty standards, unable to appreciate someone with strong principles and values, so plastic, so superficial, so shallow. 
Having comes across many versions of Tourmaline, I still prefer the protective powers of Obsidian, my love of Obsidian grew like the tree of life after this raven skull I bought.
While crystals just like anything else, must pass through loving caring hands to stay magical, they must be cleanse and taken care of like people, buying from one seller or other makes a huge difference as well. 
I only sell protection that involves handmade craftsmanship, such as carving and not from unconscious low quality manufactured capitalism that devalues labour, results in unliveable wages for me and exploit workers at the bottom.
I have to be in awe, love them as passionately as my romantic Twin Flame and have reverence for them like I do God. I can't fake anything, it would dishonour my being, God and distort my life, it will destroy me as much as it will be unhelpful to others. 
My Ravin' Raven on the left, put your hands in the air like you just don't cccaareeehh! Find the affordable rainbow pin version here
You ever watch a pushy hard sell salesperson trying to fake his enthusiasm for shit he doesn't believe in? His entire facial expression and body language is no no no, he is lying lying lying. It's as painful to watch him as it's tempting to tell him to find his soul mission, so he can keep his life force, so he shares it with others, find a reciprocal balance without being complicit in his own demise. 
Sorry, this witch prefer spiritually driven hard spell, an abundance fearless shameless mindset and not worldly scarcity fearful mentality that relies on the brokenness of systems that just come back to bite people in the arse, LOL. 

Obsidian has a hardiness to it that tourmaline lacks. Obsidian is an igneous rock, a crystallised glass found only in limited quantities near volcanoes. It literally is a survival crystal that faces harsh fiery conditions outside of someone's control and overcame, it exist as strong and beautiful. 

With experiences so drastic, so politically incorrect it's taboo, it's so controversial that people demand it be buried in silence and never let that kind of pain see the light of day publicly. 

It takes years of effort to heal, it takes years of education and training to be able to heal herself, yet she persist, she keeps on speaking her truth, she keeps on keeping on, she is learning and growing daily. 

Strong, loyal, courageous, filled with integrity! Obsidian embraces the heroism inside women, the heroism that people associate with primarily men. 

Tourmaline is pretty, especially the rainbow ones. But......is it a fighter though? Healing is fighting an internal war, people with trauma like me know how to fight on a level others don't understand. Since I was a kid who suffered physical violence, I have been an extraordinarily strong determined fighter, with the aid of the Holy Spirit of course! 

Activism is fighting the ill effects of an external war of social injustice that becomes internalised and causes harm to people on a personal level. Personal empowerment is helping people topple the system they have replicated in their heads through social programming, a trap of unethical corporatised greed that breaks their spirits as much as it gives them temporary rewards injure their souls, it's never worth it at the end of the day! 

Whether it's inside or outside, it has to change together, to prevent an imbalance of Yin and Yang, social justice and personal healing must come hand in hand. A war needs holistic spiritual doctors as much as brave soldiers and generals who take different positions in life, we're as vital to this world as systemically legitimised doctor doctors, therapist therapists, nourishing the spirit is as vital as nourishing the mind and the body. 

Obsidian is even more courageous and magnificent than Tourmaline, when it's lovingly handcrafted in matt and polished contrast, it adds another layer of genuine unconditional love, all handmakers treat our works of art like our babies, telling us it sucks is like telling us our babies are ugly, we don't buy in, our incredible depth of love for our babies override all kinds of judgements.

Well designed thoughtful magical Obsidian art hold the secrets to enlightenment, similar to the infamous Mona Lisa, making everyone who sees her ponder why she's smiling?

I saw the Mona Lisa in Paris and she's as mystically beautiful as depicted. 

Just like spiritually powerful women can't be figured out easily, our existence is mysterious, we're often misunderstood, we're often underestimated and are most intimidating to narcissists. People can't figure out why we keep manifesting all our wishes like a free flow river, we're still not exhausted and jaded for good yet. 

People just aren't evolved enough to get it, only those of 4D consciousness and above get a tiny inkling of what we're all about.

Like many who have pursued it for decades like me, we have made peace with ourselves, earned the understanding of our limitations, forgiven our genuine lack of resources and know how to preserve our inner serenity even if the whole world think we don't deserve this or that, we know we do, we know our worth. 

People think our light heartedness is bimbotic, when it's strength under siege, derived from God's grace when we were spun into a vortex of sexist chaotic victimisation not ours. We laugh, we flirt and we fly inside the patriarchy, we refuse to stay down, get caught up in resentment no matter how genuine social discrimination is, we keep on keeping on, like warrior females always do. 

We rose higher, we became stronger with every plot twist, too wise to bother with every fishy hypocritical double standard social narrative we hear and ignore every overly confident lower conscious lost soul disbeliever we meet. 

We know how innately divine we're, we lead with conviction, we think with clarity, we judge with prophetic accuracy, we go with our divine vision, we become everything we want to be, smooth as silk and as beautiful as the rainbow! 

That's just the way we like it. 

I named this east meets west Obsidian necklace Mona Buddha Obsidian Necklace for a reason

It can be worn as a protection talisman necklace, hung on the front door as dressy spiritual decoration, kept in the office to ensure career success or carried in your bag during a bad patch, helping you fend off enemies, change your luck and ground you when you feel down. 

This is another one I imported, I'm crazy about how life changing it was for me, I want others to have a piece of magic that brought me from rock bottom to my healed whole highest spiritual feminist self! 

Shop them here

Love Light Peace

Luna Salix

Instagram: luna_salix 

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