10 Magical Uses For Full Moon Water

A once a month occurrence, the full moon is a time for manifestation. The energy is so strong, when you're aligned with your highest self, you're so inspired, you might have sleeping difficulties for days, racing thoughts that won't stop and wonder if you're going mental.

The problem is if you went to a conventional therapist and not a holistic one or an unethical psychiatrist AKA systematically legitimised drug peddler, you will be diagnose as something wrong for sure. 

The best spiritualists have all thought they were going mental until we realised how it was having many spiritual gifts that remained untapped, they didn't have the guidance to understand what's happening.

So consider this, you could be a prophet, a psychic, a medium or a witch, gifts that're misunderstood and seen as wrong to the lower conscious. When people admire you for your strength, are envious about your life and you have no clarity why you can do it as well, time to explore these areas. 

Spiritual alignment is a double edged sword, to use it well requires slowly but steadily working towards a life you really want, it is a practice like any other, you master it as you go along. 

Remember to be kind to yourself. 

Spiritually gifted people are usually night owls, the structured corporate desk job 9 to 5 isn't really for us, trust me I tried and I was successful as well.

It just corroded my soul instead, the good money and social acceptance just wasn't worth it.

It's just a cycle of overworking, low life satisfaction and low life fulfilment as we're socially toxic positivity into "not be ungrateful", because God forbid that we take care of our mental health. 

It's getting eaten up alive by soulless capitalism without a heart, it ruins people and it ruins lives.  

Buddhist monks set aside full moon days to make Tibetan brass singing bowls, I tried one in Singapore and it works wonders. Preferring the higher audio frequency of crystal singing bowls, I splurged on a full 7 Chakra set a few years back and it has helped me clear my blockages.

I think that specific one is real special though if you're short of the metal element, I'm high in it so it wasn't for me. It's all about gaining knowledge so you can customise it to your highest self and not blindly follow information without insight on how to match your particular needs.  

Spiritual needs are needs too. 

Full moon water can be used for bathing, you can draw a full bath or put it into a foot soak. Tubs aren't super common in Asia, especially in Singapore and Hong Kong where we have high property prices and small living spaces, no worries, you can wash your hair with it as well. 

You can use it to cleanse your crystals on none full moon days, note that charging and cleansing are two different rituals, cleanse means rid it of the energy of other people, unfriendly entities that have embedded inside it.

Charging is receiving positive entities in aid of you, that aligns with your own energy which differs from person to person. It's like buying off the rack clothing and tailored clothing, the latter would always be more comfortable and fit you better. 

All you have to do is soak a soft cloth with it and wipe your crystals gently, like wiping a child's face. 

If you're an artist and use water in your work, you can use moon water to replace normal water

To make Water Spells, Water Spells are different from Dry Spells, water spells are usually meant to be placed somewhere permanently while dry ones are portable, can become amulets that you carry around. Like my Suss Out Rats Salty Besom or Golden God of Gamblers Prosperity Packet, these are Dry Spells while the protection spell I designed for people with metoo trauma is a wet one. 

Each spiritual practitioner have their own strengths, all of it has a healing element to it, spiritualists who study trauma on the psychology side and link it to holistic healing are exceptionally effective healers like me, we're rare, way too rare and this saddens me to no end. Also why I want to cultivate another generation of female holistic healers, both as a form of employment so women can have financial freedom as well as a form of self care aid to battle gender inequality. 

You can drink it as well, Fire Witches are prone to dehydration when angered so this will cool us off much faster than regular water, it also is a reminder to calm down and align back to spirit.

This is my own example. 

It's an excellent way to care for your loved ones, mothers and daughters can bond with each other through sharing occult secrets and teachings about Goddess empowerment from a feminist perspective.

The cultivation of character and honing of spiritual prowess is much more important than fashion, make up or thinness, what houses us is important as a vehicle to drive us, it's of course good to take care of it, it is however not the destination, we're SO much more than our attractiveness. 

Tune into the difference inside your body when you drink or shower with Moon Water versus regular water, it's much better, it's similar to eating a heartwarming home cooked meal versus a commercial meal from a soulless only money minded capitalist. Nourishment is as much practical as it is spiritual, love matters. 

DIY a Moon Goddess jar and place it in your car as Feng Shui, remember that divinity gives you as much as you put in. Sincerity counts more than artistic abilities, good intentions count more than our genuine limits, it's OK to dream larger than our abilities and rely on God to see us through. 

Yoni Power Moon Goddess Paper Cutting Tutorial

Place it on your work desk, when you feel stressed out, take a little and dab on your third eye area and both sides of your temple. If you make a lot, you can wash your hands with it as well. 

Cook soups with it, it's OK to boil it, it won't lose it's power. You can make tea with it as well, make sure you use air tight drinking bottles under the full moon though, you can place the crystal on top of the cap. 

You can boil it and put a few drops of Eucalyptus, breath it in for asthma or lung congestion issues, it will help clear it. 

Use it in aromatherapy air refreshers, great for businesses, a calm center customer is a relaxed one that make loyal repeated customers. 

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DIY Witchy Moon Water For Spell Casting

Love Light Peace

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