How To Feng Shui Your Car Using Crystal Magic

1. Give your car a good clean inside and out, throw away broken things, donate objects. If you don't use it once in a month, it needs to go! 

Thank these things for bringing you joy, give them one last hug, it's OK to move on. Pack the rest neatly in boxes, even those hidden from view. 

I got a divine calling to leave them on a table under a HDB (Housing Development Board) flat which is local public housing.

I left them with a note to say please take them, they're useable, I hope they go to good homes. I pass by that table again and they were gone! Yay! 

It's not good manners to leave broken things to others, it's bad Qi and will not bode well for you. For useable whole things that you're sentimental about, it's OK, there's kindness involved with parting with them, this good energy will transfer to others. 

These are things I genuinely loved, find them hard to part with and hope others will have affection for them like me. 

This also builds up Kampong (village/community) spirit as well. I know I will find it fun and moving if I accidentally came across such a table, even if those things aren't my taste, I will still think it's sweet, so I hope it will sparks joy in someone else. 

2. Give away what doesn't make your heart pump harder, give away what doesn't make your inner voice LOL and speak kindly to you, ditch all the things that don't give you life.

Winter Solstice is a time of renewal, spring cleaning is about exchanging the old for the new, we must let go of what doesn't align with our vision for 2021. 

Letting go is about the impermanence of life, something I learned from Tibetan Buddhism, it involves the patient artistic creation and destruction of coloured sand Mandalas. Watching the monks at work, watching them destroy it calmly was revolutionary for me. 

Whether it's the process of creation or destruction, the kind of detailed wholesome love is what God has for us, we're divinely created for a personal soul mission that's meant to be done in a unique way that no one else can ever replicate in this world.

We also have many other people with similar soul missions, we're suppose to find them, cooperate so we can serve the highest good together. 

Oh, how precious are we! There's only one of us, from the bottom of our feet to the tops of our head! 

Just as we destroy our old habits to learn new better ones, we align a little more with our soul missions one day at a time, we get healthier, we gain competency, we progress as a person and as a community. 

When you increase your faith in God, appreciate the dependable resiliency in humanity, find optimism in the future, then you will find letting go easier. 

4. Store things you use neatly in the trunk. Clutter traps energy, the more clutter we have, the worse our psychological health becomes. Physically boxing things up can help us sort ourselves out as well, so try to always categorise neatly into a box. 

If you're grieving, you can use a remembrance box to psychologically feel better like I did. I wrote about how here.

5. DIY an easy to make Full Moon Crystal Clouds Air Refresher, ditch the artificial scents and go for the calming yumminess of aromatherapy instead. 

Remember that upcyling is giving things a new lease of life, there's transformation involved in getting crafty, not to mention creativity helps us understand metaphysicality.

Handmade always carries pride, love and good intentions, it personalises the space, becomes a form of ownership, what we once saw as valueless, becomes valuable to the universe when we recognise embrace the value in our talents, hard work and diligence. 

It's when we don't ever get to it, it just sits there to accumulate dust and we end up caught up in the busyness of chores than channelling that energy to live exciting inspirational lives, that's when it's detrimental to us. 

6. Place a bottle of Moon Water in the car, Moon Water is much more powerful than regular water, it becomes even better with spell work. 

Find out how to make Moon Water here

You're now ready for a 2021 bull run! Let's go! 

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