Repurpose CD Moon In The Clouds Air Refresher

 Things you need 

cotton wool (you can use facial cotton pads) 
waking and calming essential oils
a mesh pouch 
a CD 
a cute pin as decoration 
a bunch of polished crystal, shells, your favourite sentimental rock, to bring a natural element incars (indoors LOL) 


1. Pick a bunch of cotton pad apart to create a fluffy look, clouds are irregularly shaped so go wild moon child! I used a cotton roll meant for flowers so it comes in bigger pieces, you can try buying a piece off your friendly neighbourhood flower vendor. 

Place CD on top of the mesh bag for sizing, glue the cloud on. 

2. Glue the rest on in a scattered star light star bright dreamy aesthetic. I imagined I was sitting on the clouds, watching the night sky sparkle with stars. LOL.

I have a collection of heart shaped rocks signifying God's love for me. Whenever I feel down, I ask to find one and I would spot one automatically. 

So, it's sentimental to me, find something sentimental to you as well.

I get attached to my crystals too, they bring me such blessings, I develop relationships with them as well. 

2. Put a generous amount of aromatherapy on the cotton wool, enough for it to spread throughout the car to constantly cleanse the energy.

Make sure you can smell it from the backseat. 

I used Napoli, Lavender & Eucalyptus.

You can replace Eucalyptus with Lemon, Tangerine, Peppermint, Grapefruit, anything within the energising family.

Napoli smells like Jasmine, it's sweet-ish, stronger than Jasmine, it's calming with a punch.

You can replace Lavender with Chamomile, Bergamot, Clary Sage, anything within the calming family. 

4. In Feng Shui, it's important to reflect light throughout an area, the reflective surface of the crystals, CD and bright polished gold pin will bounce light around.

So, make sure a decent part of the moon is seen, to maximise the impact. 

For how to Feng Shui the entire car, go here. 

I used Amethyst, Aragonite & Fluorite, along the same themes of calming and focus. 

When the glue dries, you can put on the essential oils.

Insert moon and clouds into bag. 

5. I pinned my fabulous shiny Ravin' Pride Pin on top of the clouds to celebrate diversity. I used hard cardboard between the pin and the bag so it stays put. 

Hang it up and WALA! No toxins, no artificial scents (eeewww), all as refreshing as a garden after the rain. 

Whenever I step into my car now, I sigh with pleasure, it made such a big difference. 

Eshet chayil, God is a She. 



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