Repurposed Patchwork Storage Box

I was joking with a friend about how we desperately want to keep good boxes, the high quality thick ones, the ones we would have to fork out a tidy sum for. I kept all my good boxes during decluttering, some as temporary holders for categories I'm moving around, some because they're vintage collectibles, some because I don't know if I need them once the decluttering part of certain rooms take shape. 

I know I know, we're suppose to avoid "just in case", people imagine horror shows of hoards up to the ceiling, opening doors to a landslide of empty food cartons, plastic bags and pizza boxes. Wading in pools of things so mountainous, they have to crunch down onto the floor and sink into S.T.U.F.F quick sand, I hold my breath as I watch home organisers enter the dragon's dungeon on The Hoarders, WITHOUT safety gear. Holy Ghost, I know it's insulting to be so obvious, after I fell sick dehoarding for my mom without even a mask, seeing how experts on The Hoarders mention how they contracted scabies, bacterial infections, bronchitis and much more, I think home organiser safety matter too. 

I'm afraid they will fall, contract all kinds of diseases, inhale rotten stale air filled with pest droppings, dust, grime, mites and much more, it's frightening how they don't have masks at least. 

I was watching a Japanese hoarder series on YouTube the other day, all the drink bottles were clean as a whistle in that one, there wasn't a drop in them. It was taking out the trash that was the problem for that hoarder, not all hoarders are the same of course. I believe everyone have their own hoard itch, it's all about identifying it and not letting it consume us. 

While I'm not a hoarder, I have never done a major declutter or any scheduled decluttering for that matter. I'm brand new to the home organising game and I'm enjoying my fresh take on how to handle clutter. 

I admit I recently got a cheap thrill when I found a use for a washed tall thin plastic lemongrass drink bottle, it fit perfectly into my yellow Macrame plant hanger. I'm planning an eclectic gallery wall, a dream I have. 

The gallery wall is my vision to to stay motivated, the wall is my gift to myself after I hit some decluttering goals. 

I didn't know this until last year, when I heard a fellow CoH (Children of Hoarder) mentioned how he gave up on home decor years ago. How he always felt uncomfortable cleaning in front of people and how he had no clue how to manage a home when he moved out, from the simplest things like cleaning a countertop to what to store where, how to clean what, he felt like a failure of an adult sometimes.

It resonated with me. I have a lot of different fears about it, I'm toppling them one by one daily, it's anxiety inducing for sure though. My things are all clean, they're VERY disorganised, I think way more than the norm actually. So, I do need to put in more effort. 

This is a box that fit into a space perfectly, just tall enough to accommodate my hanging herb dryer above it and just wide enough to not intrude on my exercise space. 

It's a good box, a perfect box! 

Things you need

Large scissors 

Matching paper for the patches

Wrapping paper, any kind of paper you have around

White glue, glue gun

Duct tape/packing tape

Painter's tape

Thick ribbon (optional)

Cut off the top first, leave the back side as a hinge if you want a cover. Tape interior of hinge so it doesn't come loose. Cut off the top side of the lid as well. I wanted to fit a tall mat so no lid for me. 

Use Duct or packing tape on the inside to secure lid to bottom, use painter's tape on the outside. 

Position patches onto box to get the layout you want, I started in the middle of the front and worked my way out, that's the most important part. So the paper I like the most are smack in the middle. 

I did a trim at the top and at the bottom, it's really about what size paper you currently have. Remember to leave enough to wrap the bottom and over the top, also enough for top of lid and bottom of lid (optional). 

Cut a piece of ribbon, sandwich between the lid and wrapper, to make a ribbon pull. Box in the middle for reference. 

Image from here

Highly recommend innovating with existing materials and not buying more. You can use back side of leftover wrapping paper plus the front side of other ones, magazine pages, old cards, random stuff uncovered during decluttering. Don't recommend newspaper, because the ink bleeds, it might rub off on your fingers and stain surfaces. 

Glue and tape patches down. 

Add a white label. 

Wala, done and done. I hope you enjoy your box each time you use it, notice how much your mental health improves and how much more convenient your space becomes. 

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