4 Elements Magic Circle Talking Stick Tutorial

A talking stick or talking staff can be used to facilitate a Magic Circle, support group or for homeschooling your kids about boundaries, consent, the importance of cooperation. 

It nurtures listening skills, gives everyone room to shine, fosters equality, cultivates a habit of caring and sharing. 

It reduces interruptions, fosters community spirit, makes for a harmonious peaceful environment.

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What you need 

Fringe-y trimmings, Celtic/Pagan inspired motifs, dangling pom poms 
Yarn, Embroidery Thread or Ribbons 
Soft leather 
A stick long enough to hold comfortably, about 13-15 inches, approx. 33 to 38 cm
Foraging a dry one from the woods is best
Hot glue gun or extra strength glue that dries clear
Start wrapping from the bottom, I used maroon velvet ribbon for the handle. To give the entire stick texture, I glued the ribbon on vertically instead of horizontally. Make sure you wrap over the end of the stick as well.
The velvety feel of the handle is both functional as well as comfortable, giving it a luxurious touch. 
Wrap rest of the stick horizontally, wrap the other end, leave to dry.
I chose more pastel or single coloured materials for the holder, so the dangling bits will be the focal point. 
4 elements are fire, air, water & earth, alchemy is repeated in all religions, they're the core elements of life. 
Magic is intentional, it involves trusting your creative vision through the guidance of your inner voice, the more you clear your energy, the more blessed those things you touch become. 
Bells are used to ward off evil, from witch altar bells to large tower church bells to broadcasted Mosque prayer hymns to Feng Shui wind chimes with bells, they're often used with incense and candles for Magick rituals. 
I added a black Maneki-neko, designed to improve health. There're many colours of Maneki-neko, with the most popular one being white for prosperity. It's my wish to bless to everyone who holds it. 
I sewed on additional bells with a different sound at the end, so it will clear the energy for the next speaker when passed around. It's also melodic, fun and help draw attention to the speaker. 
I used genuine leather to wrap around it, made a fringe at the end, so there's more movement to it.
Movement is life, it's crucial that a talking stick capture our life force inside it, help us moderate as energetic duplicates, work as an extra supernatural moderator infused with the holiness of the spirit.
It's meant to be imaginative, playful, purposeful and centered, like people are suppose to be. 
If you're aligned with your spirit, your life force comes from unlimited providence from the Holy Spirit, it will naturally be infused in everything you do. Your career comes alive, your home is harmonious, people love you, everyone wants to be around you. 
Depend not on yourself, depend on collective consciousness, the unmerited favour of the universe. 
Next, sew on the buttons, pom poms and Celtic symbols. You can make yarn pom poms from scratch, you can triple up thicker yarn for the core of the dangling bit, remember to leave extra at the top so you can tie it to the holder.
You want an authentic rustic vibe, so no need to be super neat, just like the better days when people respected medicine women and men, every village had one spiritual leader. They're always around nature, they lived simply, knew the importance of soul food and authentic connections with each other. 
This is to reverse the detrimental effects living in concrete jungles, full of people with hectic purposeless lives, disconnected from the salt of the earth. 
I added the feather to that part before attaching it. 
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WALA! One of a kind talking stick that's yours and yours only. I can't wait to use it for my next Magical Circle Full Moon Gathering.
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Eshet chayil, God is a She



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