DIY Affordable Natural Deodorant That Works

Arrowroot Power or Baking Soda 
Eucalyptus essential oil
Green Tea essential oil 
Shea Butter 
Clary Sage essential oil 
Repurpose an air tight empty container 

A synthetic store bought deodorant stick is only 4 bucks I thought, it seemed like a lot of work, not to mention costly to get this pack, that pack instead.

It was later that I realised the benefits far outweigh the cost.

You can mix it up at home so you reduce carbon footprint, you can concoct a new batch immediately, you start being creative and find other ways to use it as well. If you calculated all your efforts for real, you just might find you save like me instead. 

I tried many versions of this, with the same basic formula, I found this one the best. I cycle, I like long distance hiking and foraging in the wild so it needs to provide me with dryness for hours, moisturising enough for sensitive skin, wake me up in the morning, absorb into the skin quickly and not feel tacky to the touch, heal any micro cuts I might get from underarm shaving as well.

I didn't think it was possible since many popular big box brands don't even fulfil these requirements but I did it after much trial and error. 

So, the power is for dryness, an alcohol free astringent agent like Eucalyptus or Green Tea to heal cuts, Shea Butter for moisturising and aromatherapy in replacement of artificial scents that give a natural boost to start a day! 

I have been using Eucalyptus and Green Tea for tens of years, I can testify that adding a few drops of Eucalyptus into a boiled bowl of water, breathing the fumes in helps with lung congestion, if you have a cough, try it! 

As someone with CPTSD, like anyone with trauma, we tend to breathe shallowly when we get anxious, I also do yogic breathing exercises so I know how useful they're as well.

It's only when we practice long term that it becomes natural to us again, we tend to hold our breathes because a part of us is hyper vigilant, we're conditioned from young to walk on eggshells while trying to predict an abuser's next move, we haven't felt safe for a day and this carries on within the subconscious mind even after we leave a physical environment, grow up physically or are in loving relationships now. 

Instead of watching out for triggers and asking others not to trigger us, that's temporary shallow acting, which can help when we're coping and it's only considerate for others to accommodate people with trauma, it's not a long term solution. 

Long term trying to control environmental factors always comes with it's own exhaustion as well, not everyone is willing to be considerate, not everyone wants to invest in us, we also aren't priority to people we want to prioritise, takers are all around, there's no way we can live large, socialise and go after our dreams if we stay trapped inside our pain. 

Healing is a vital part of life, it must be integrated into our lives, just as self care is a need, healing is too. 

To heal we must address root causes in a holistic manner, not live in avoiding trigger mode or withdraw from life because outside stimuli is overwhelming, but expand our tolerance levels so we can function more effectively and remain competitive.

Trauma does reduce tolerance levels, heighten sensory reception is one of the symptoms of trauma, our 5 senses are excruciatingly sharp, therefore why traumatised people can develop an extraordinarily strong 6th sense to cope, which is what I did for 26 years.

Spiritualists like me who also did our inner work, know how important concrete steps to healing are as well, performative thoughts and prayers that don't result in growth and transformation is bullshit. 

6th sense is often called psychic abilities, it is not intuition, intuition is the lower conscious version of it, intuition is usually vague discomfort, psychic abilities have far more information.

Clarity comes from trauma recovery knowledge, you won't know how to be insightful if you don't know how healing works, what is an accurate and normal reaction to trauma and what is dysfunctional, bad habits we picked up, etc.

Egocentricity is such that many overrate their abilities to caregive, healing is so devalued that think imagine talking to experts is like talking to a friend. Meanwhile most people don't get the help they need by talking to a friend, they can feel more comforted and assured due to their political correctness, they're usually are enabled more than helped though. 

It's not hard to offer empty platitudes or to show a moment of empathy, they usually can't be bothered to invest in your life like you must do for yourself. 

Some mistake the intensity of their emotions as altruism, so they demonise calm people and think of us as uncaring instead, us not easily affected or offended at small things that won't matter in two year's time isn't seen as a generosity of spirit, a true strength, they're too uncivilised to understand. 

When we avoid their volatility, roller coaster emotions and unfounded hostility, they add nothing to our lives and they can still think of themselves as morally superior due to wishful thinking. 


While it's important to honour your intuition nonetheless, stop and consider before reacting, people like me who're strong in both healing and psychic abilities know the difference over time, even then many might not want to mention taboo topics, very few are bridging this gap between two seperate skill sets that require years of training, education and studying, I know this because I pursued these two areas fo 26 years, I don't think I would have learned everything even until the day I die, I am an expert at both though. 

Some people think heightened sensory perception is their personality, "I'm a sensitive person" they think, when they heal they realise they aren't originators of it, it's a reaction to past pain, when they swop out unhealthy coping methods for healthier coping methods, they always do much better as a result.

Part of it is changing our use of products that affect our emotional states into organic ones as well, chemical imbalances can be affected by the products we use as well, many kinds of products solve a problem but create another. 

I use Green Tea for pimples, ear aches, clearing sinus blockages, Clarity Sage is revitalising, it perks you up when you're tired, the combination of all three top notch essential oils Wake Me Up Before You Go Go. LOL. 

I didn't think I would enjoy using deodorant but I did! There's pride when we make something with our own hands, it's a kind of accomplishment even when I was sitting in luxury corporate offices already doing purpose driven meaningful work can't replace. This is beauty of leading with spirit, you end up with abundance when you try, there're many unexpected treasures you uncover along the way. 

It's also beneficial for the people around us, they're not breathing in synthetics, it draws people to me as well. It can serve as a secret weapon for work, play and romance, I have been using essential oils for ages and people don't get why they're so attracted to me. Sssshhhh this is our secret, those destined to read this will get this information. Brew Ha Ha to the rest of them! 

Mix all the ingredients up until it becomes a paste, start with the power and add the oils as needed, Shea Butter at room temperature can solidify so the oils will bind it to the power as you stir it in. I do small batches so I get fresh stuff all the time, it doesn't dry out in an airtight container, if it does for yours, add a bit more oil before use. 

I did detox my underarms for a few months, when I was in my home office I went deodorant free, I realised I stank like a skunk, I didn't even smell so bad when I worked out and used synthetic deodorants, I was tempted to go back HERE, to the loop of temporary mass produced convenience, tolerate long term harm to my body instead, I'm glad I didn't. 

I stuck it out and realised it was a phase. Once they were out of my system, I could replace it with my DIY version and it worked well. 

I tried the supposedly big box store "natural" ones, they were better than the cheaper ones, they're costly and still not what I wanted, I went through a ton of famous brands but nothing beats this. You can use essential oils for other things such as a self massage, foot bath, in an oil burner, etc.

It was so effective, I used so little each time as well, it lasted me a long while, I highly recommend that you try it. 

Eshet chayil, God is a She. 



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