DIY Spellbound Buddha Bowl For Financial Freedom

Things you need 
Magnesium salt or sea salt (any colour is OK) 
Charcoal power or baking power 
Star Anise 
Bay Leaf 
Foraged flowers and leaves from your garden or store bought 
A bowl of any kind, a large salad bowl will do
Aromatherapy oil in the energising family (lemon, lemongrass, eucalyptus, mint, etc)
Your favourite prosperity totems
Build up the base with salt, powder and condiments. Salt and powder to cast out bad energy, the rest brings in good energy. 
Layer with leaves, I used fresh pine for an invigorating smell.
It's easier if you use larger leaves so look for ferns, banana leaves can be found in Asian supermarkets or wet markets as well.
Add in the flowers, choose different colours, shapes and sizes for a free flow wild garden vibe. 
Use one side for wildlife and the other side for your totems.
I figure Buddha needed a familiar so I added my broken ear scrappy cat for company. LOL. 
Sprinkle with coins of all shapes and colours, look for leftover coins from different countries and have no clue what to do with them, as was my case, GULP. 
I also added in an ancient Chinese coin for good luck, this gives it an extra ooommmpphhh. 
Place magical bowl near your main door so you will see it as you enter and leave, this is where the fengshui (also called energy of the space) for your money flow come and go.
It serves as a door guardian for your bank account, it also reminds you of how blessed you're. 
After I built it, I realised how it looks like my inner world, peaceful, abundant and meditative, I was sent a vision of me in Buddha's position inside my secret sanctuary. 
That's a mark of a successful spell, when the final result leaves you with great satisfaction, it's both therapeutic and inviting, you feel excited and energised. 
Onwards to a prosperous 2021, my beautiful ones! 


Eshet chayil, God is a She. 



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