How To Make Crystal Moon Water Protection Potion

Things you need 
Salt (can be pink, black, white or magnesium salt) 
Tiger eye crystal 
Amethyst crystal 
Moon Water 
A water tight container 
Herbs (my own secret blend, not telling you muahahhaha) 
Sand, seashell or dried real flowers 
Rosemary & Thyme essential oil 
Red & white candle 
Each month, there will be a full moon, during that full moon, you can create Moon Water. I have it in the glass bottle in the middle. If you follow me on Instagram, I do reminders each month so you will remember. 
Start with the dry elements, the sand, the salt, the flowers, crystals etc. 

Add in the wet elements. Remember that spells work best when you have a strong focus and purity of intention, follow the flow of your gut instinct, the best is you're lost in time, your spirit is then free to guide as it wishes.

Get creative, think what else in the house you can add in, take ownership of the spell and make it yours.

Spells are always more effective when you have at least a starter kit, so you can capture the full intention, it's about abundance, treating yourself to some fun and practical manifestation to boost your vibrations to draw good energy into your life. 

Seal with red candle, make sure it drips over all sides. 

Top the seal with white candle to eliminate your own energy from it. 

Handmade potions make lovely caring gifts for our friends in need, they can carry it with them or place them in any area to ward off evil.

If your friend is going through a rough patch, brew up a bottle to show you care, give her shelter under your own magic, sharing magic is an experience of the soul and also a sharing of our talents. 

You can use it in the office to fend off villains, place it near the door. You can place it on the far right of any room at home, when the door is on your left, turn to your right and find the furthest corner. If you have trauma, this will help you stay safe and encourage you to heal. 

Tie with some burlap string, top with a cute pendant and you're good to go! 

I have been called to do a year's worth of tutorials around this set of crystals below, such as prosperity spell, love spell, work spell, sex spell, etc.

So, do get 9 Bottles Spell Casting Crystal Set. 

Complimentary tracked shipping within Singapore to make things easy.

You can get it separately if you live elsewhere and follow me anyway, the names are on the labels. 

You can also buy the pendant from me or the entire bottle with the pendant as well. I'm going to offer international shipping soon, so if you do not want to clutter up your space and can afford to wait, buy it from me then. 

See Moon Water tutorial here.

Eshet chayil, God is a She. 



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