Yoni Power Moon Goddess Paper Cutting Tutorial

Paper cutting has a long Asian tradition, it is used as popular decorations during Lunar New Year in all Chinese communities the world over. 

Paper cutting or Jiǎn Zhǐ 剪纸 in China date back to the second century CE,  it is one of the most important types of Chinese folk art. Traditionally done in red, the universal colour amongst Chinese people, it is a symbol of good luck, it invites good fortune into a house and blesses all who visit. 

Things you need 

1 piece of red Origami paper 

a pair of small scissors 

a pen 

 a used glass bottle 

a pack of multicoloured skeleton leaves 

a pack of transparent nature inspired motifs 

(you can get them at a scrapbook store)

Gloss Mod Podge  

(waterproof version if for outdoor use, matt version if your bottle is matt) 

Fold the paper in half, sketch out the Moon Goddess design on the back side, I wanted a Tree of Life at the bottom, have my Goddess hold a triple moon at the top.

The Triple Moon symbolises a united figure of Diana/Hecate/Selene, the three Pagan Goddesses. It is also thought of as the 3 most significant stages of a woman's life - Maiden, Mother, Crone, by some. 

I intentionally depicted my Goddess as full figured, it's my obsession with the famous totem Venus von Willendorf, I think impossible beauty standards and obsessive dieting is social madness, to think fat women are wrong, assumed stupid and ugly is as far from spiritual alignment as it gets. 

When throughout all global history, full figured women are known to be capable of child birth and make excellent caregivers, we didn't need to dress provocatively to justify how sexy or how sexual we're. 

So goes the saying, she has "childbearing hips" in a good way, she is healthy, fertile, looks reliable and dependable, I have always found women who look like that are truly reliable and dependable as well! 

The lunar (moon) calendar is used to chart when to set intentions, when to follow through and when it manifests, it combines astrology, the Chinese and English zodiac and much more. It is used in Asia by kings and queens as well as all over the world, house sized monuments have been built to chart the stars and the moon in China, India, Korea and Japan for centuries. 

I digress. 

Remember to add in the neck, I almost forgot, thankfully I caught it in time. 

Cut out the shape. 

Using transparent materials will cast a nice coloured shadow effect when candle is lit, the bottle must be much taller than the candle height, so the bottle is filled with light. 

Mod Podge the inside, place the decorations with the Moon Goddess in the middle, I added a flower motif to signify the power of a woman's Yoni, pussy power for the win!

Add the decorations on both sides. 

Mod Podge another layer over it, leave to dry overnight. 

You can add a wire around the bottle's neck and tie it to a pole for Lantern Festival or hang it up to spread light within a room. I added a 3D lantern on the outside so I can take it off when Lantern Festival is over, it gives the art dimension, it's optional though.

In Feng Shui, the use of light is very important, blocked Qi is blocked prosperity! See how I used a shorter candle in the first photo and the shadows came out, this taller candle was a trial run. 

Just make sure you use a lightweight glass container or a smaller one so it's not too heavy, especially if it's for kids. It's a good project to keep your kids occupied, a fun way to relate the traditions behind this piece as well. 

This is a conversation art piece, where you can share your personal traditions with your friends, show off your artsy skills when they come over.

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