Why You Should Start A Grimoire in 2022

I'm so excited about filling up my Grimoire, I bought this custom piece just for it. Yay, support small business owners, supporting creative entrepreneurs is my lifelong habit!

I'm terribly introverted, can be hoard-y when it comes to my secret spiritual recipes, I want to whack dirty hands that reach into my precious cookie jar of soul food all the time, it's the Leo in me, I like the fire element A LOT, I meditate so I can be more impatient with mind numbingly dull idiots, I'm terrible at that!

Gggrrr do they deserve my patience though, is something I ponder a lot as well. 

So, I will try to overcome my very private life, my nomadic hermit habits, set some personal boundaries and explore what I'm comfortable with sharing publicly in 2022. 

A Grimoire is a journal for your practice, a place to log in your herbal concoctions, formulas for spells, document your manifestations into real life. It can be used to chart any oddity, weird surprises, humorous trials and errors as well. LOL spells can backfire as well, there's such a thing as too powerful and not knowing it, I had a zillion cats visit me once, then a zillion romantic admirers all at once as well, phew.....overwhelming. 

Every magic practitioner get good at crafting spells in due time, like every area of talent, it requires planning, experience and skills as well. 

You can look back on your progress at the end of the year and see how far you have come. I sure would have liked one to mull over this year end so it's a promise I make to myself for next year.

It's also a place to express your creativity in a therapeutic way as well, just like regular journalling, this is the level up magic holy spirit driven version. LOL. I intend to fill it with drawings, charts, graphs, stickers, etc. 

I remember revamping my resume for a new corporate job, when I sat down to list what I did in a top five multinational firm, I realised my perfectionist chasing busyness did end up with a mountain of concrete achievements, it also meant I wasn't enjoying my victories as much as I should.

I was always living in the future, asking "what's next" quickly, instead of enjoying that moment, breathing in all that it offers me in the now, taking time to celebrate, taking time to appreciate my achievements, I had a meh what's the big deal attitude, when it was a VERY big deal to many others. 

Sure, people admired me, many wishful thinkers imagined my life was perfect, I secretly lacked self love and had a crazy large inner critic that robbed me of childlike laughter, sustainable joy and inner peace, I had many childhood struggles I was too ashamed to tell anyone, even my then partner, my closest friends as well.

I put on a poker face, soldiered on silently and kept it all to myself. 

It's so easy to get caught up in busyness, I have always been a determined high risk taker of a person, slowing down and being fully present is a habit I learned in the last four years, my quality of life has improved significantly as a result.  

Starting a Grimoire is a reminder to make spirituality part of my daily life, to slow down and document more what gives me life instead of frantically charging ahead with a rigid to do list, making a large amount of plans, to scale down on oh no projects, scale up on HELL YES projects and invest heavily in those things while accepting lesser priorities as good enough, not beat myself up about it. 

Sometimes the problem isn't not being socially acceptable, but being TOO socially acceptable, that you get distracted easily, you see so many areas you can add value, end up getting torn between the paradox of choice, forgetting that worldly success can never compensate for your life wasted on things, people and career paths that don't serve your highest self.

Even if those things are generally seen as good or right by others, we can obsess about approval as much as we can obsess about disapproval, both can become addictions of the ego. Only when we practice gratitude that we remain humble, go with the flow of impermanence, learn to let go and let be, learn to value our hard earned inner peace as a form of self love so precious, we refuse to give it up for anyone or anything, that we truly live in honour of our spirits. 

I don't get judged a lot I must admit, people I know well don't usually have negative impressions of me, strangers judge of course, I don't care about them though, they can judge all they want, it's water that flows off this duck's back, bbbyyyeee......

Sometimes I meet new activists online and they thinking that within a few months they can be excellent activists, it just show me how self righteous they're. They also inflate their contributions with their personal opinions, usually captain obvious common sense ones so basic, it's amazing how they can congratulate each other for their low standards, imprison each other that way and call it social justice, feminism or whatever else they want to call it, it's all lower conscious thinking and behaviours.  

EGO EGO EGO EGO, loads of it, no matter how it's spun in someone's head, how altruistic the final aim is, the means can result in much toxicity, no matter how it's perceived by those who lack spiritual alignment, it's still EGO EGO EGO. 

They have a large sense of self importance, they find each other and keep on feeing their mutual egos. What I know about this kind of behaviours is that they will explode in front of each other some day, then those people will feel absolutely betrayed.

They're the ones that disillusion the rest of the movement, they will ditch the issue once they get some kind of authority, they can't be trusted to manage their egos in the now, they can't be trusted as leaders in the future. The lack of ability to have good judgement is common, narcissists are energy vampires and they're all around us, they suck the life force out of people and also movements, all they touch turn to dust, they rob people of all things good and can still delude themselves with their imagined superiority. 

Dunning Kruger is a real thing, the third eye blind is too blind to grasp their blindness, the third eye woke are too few to have confidence in their wokeness, they exist on the fringe, trying not to fall inside soulless capitalism, mindless sheep behaviours and face all kinds of abuses because the majority is leading with fearful monkey minds, attempting to escape facing unresolved trauma through doing good, it will come back to haunt them at some point, no matter how strong, trauma will finally catch up with them. 

The world is barking mad, humans behaving like animals and policing others like guard dogs, treating bodies like properties, consuming all that's unethical and damaging, spiralling into darkness, escalating into a pit of despair and negative thinking. 

This is spiritual sadness, a grief inside collective consciousness that we all absorb from the oneness, we're one can be good or bad, these people drag the world's consciousness down significantly and they still preach on a holier than thou high horse still. zzz......

So, if you have a habit of journalling, find it helpful, try a different version of it, create a Grimoire like me, it can be passed down as a keepsake for spiritually talented youths in your family, magic has a lineage just like anything else, a coven is sometimes made out of generations of witches. 

It can be something they can add to and keep for generations to come, aawwww I wish I inherited a book like that, what a thoughtful gift! I do have loads of magically gifted people in my family so I feel blessed nonetheless, I am grateful, all things are working for me and I know it. 

I love handmade for the longest time, this book is made of birch plywood, painted with stain, treated with linseed oil and beeswax, notice my passion for Triquetra on the reinforced corners. OMG I love this book so......it's a treasure I hold dear inside my heart. The spine and clasp is made of genuine leather, sewn by hand, bonus is it's made by another witch, brew ha ha! 

There's always loving energy on top of the unique beauty that comes with handmade, magic is in everyone and in everything, it has been a part of our lives, once you open your third eye, once you elevate your consciousness, you will be able to sense more of it.

It makes for a wonderful life beyond the possibilities of 5 senses, especially not to be understood by the monkey minded desensitised people, brew ha ha to them. 

Love Light Peace

Luna Salix

Instagram: luna_salix 

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