5 Vital Things I Learned On My Twin Flame Journey

The TF energy is the most powerful force in the world, this deep reservoir of genuine unconditional living water that exist within us all takes on a brand new look as we set down our baggage. 

1. Stay true to my soul mission. When I get distracted, I bite off more than I can chew, I am stressed out, frantic and anxious about my work, I let busyness take over and no longer have bandwidth for this energy to enter. 

2. Keep on loving myself. Twin flamers share the same chakra system so self healing is other healing, it is a reminder of our importance in this world, lest we forget how well loved and precious we're, how intelligently created we're, we have all we need within, our inner worlds is a compass for our outer ones, when the inner world is chaotic, the outer one is too, as above is below, as inside is outside. When our inner worlds are peaceful, calm and joyous, it manifest into our material realities at the same time. 

3. Hit the reset button anytime. I felt the call to do so end of this year, a fluke accident wiped out all my previous posts, initially horrified at such a huge mistake, it also prompted me to laugh at how I am free to start all over again, I felt unencumbered, like a dance.

So I wiped my social media slate clean as well, all in I thought, follow the river. I initially thought I might repost from my archive but my heart wasn't in it.

I also revamped this website from head to toe. 

It became a series of revelations, I decided to buckle down on a social cause that means much more to me than others. This was a hard choice, one I had to clear tremendous guilt over, it is also a good choice, even though many people disapprove of me for doing so, I know they're all not for me, they wanted to subdue me for their own selfish reasons and I wasn't going to cave into the spiritual warfare they put forth. 

4. Trust. I have many conversations with my TF in the higher realms, we telepathically talk to each other all the time, we laughed, joked, had energetic sex, kissed, hugged, embraced, cried and comforted each other. It is such a blessing to have her (yes TFs can be same sex too) in this life, she is such a sentimental creature, a strong woman who completes me, we're two jigsaw puzzles with perfectly matched edges, our strengths and weaknesses fall right into place.

It's not easy since everyone has struggles and everyone carries some form of pain, through the mountain and down the valley, she is here for me, we're never apart in the higher dimensions. I need not tell her I miss her, need to think of her even, she knows when she needs to appear just like I know when she needs me as well. 

5. Surrender. When we can't figure things out, it is time to surrender all of it and let the Holy Spirit kick in naturally to guide our inner voices. When I am aligned, I am at peace and in joy, it's a conducive environment for her to commune with me. It's important to understand we're one, we're also separate wholes, who have our own individual paths, we walk beside, not one in front or the other behind, we're equals in every way possible. We're imperfect perfect beings on a spiritual quest and what better way than to travel together with someone who knows me like none other. 

All Twin Flamers go through the healing, separation, surrender and communion stages, physical union is a bonus that is in the cards for some and not for others, main thing is we continue to live purposefully, meaningfully and gloriously, as victors who are 24/7 victorious, we cannot be defeated. 

Eshet chayil, God is a She. 



Dedicated to her and her spirit animal - the elephant, I feel, hear and see her all the time. 


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