Simple 10 Min Home Exercises For Your Breast Friends

This photo isn't photoshopped or edited for size. This is a make up free photo 

As a busty woman, the weight of my breasts means I'm prone to a forward posture. I use to hunch, both because of not wanting men to objectify me, also to avoid attention when I just want to chill. I get a lot of talking to my breasts, starring and commenting. I had so many people analysing my breasts casually, it's amazing how disrespectful people can be. 

Hunching can be due to the weight of your breasts or due to a psychological reaction to trauma, where you use your shoulders to "enclose" the areas that cause you shame, just like you closing a door, compartmentalising one space from other, it can be an act of psychological self preservation. 

My body is not up for speculation, it is not flattering, it's awkward. Also, the workplace is not the right place to discuss it, I swear if I knew better when I was younger, I would have a list of people I sued. 

I even bought minimisers when I was younger, wore sports bras as well, cccaaaannnnn'''tttt bbbbbrreeeaatttthhheee, some made them look bigger as well, so that didn't work out too well. 

If you're above a certain size, it gets hard to find suitable affordable bras that don't make you feel matronly, lack support or simply don't fit right. It took me many years of trying out different brands to find ones that fit well and are comfortable at the same time.

This whole process can be anxiety inducing, something small breasted women don't have to deal with. Bloody hell, the lucky chickadees just waltz into any store and tada, a full selection of beautiful bras at their disposal! 

So don't envy large breasted women, we have our own woes! Let's embrace different bodies as equally worthy and beautiful instead! Stand shamelessly tall and proud, no matter how your body looks. 

If you lean back against a wall and the back of your head isn't flat against it, you have a forward posture. Most people have it due to bending over computers so don't worry if you do. 

Honour thy breast friends at all times. Honour thy friends with breasts at all times as well. 

I do chin tucks in the car when I'm at the traffic light. 

It helps move my neck back, align my shoulders as well, great for spinal health. 

I use a yoga strap to deepen my stretch, was delighted to find out how I can use it as a back brace as well. Since it's adjustable, it's flat, it fits comfortably  under my clothes, doesn't show any lines. I tried wearing it for a day, felt so good about it, I almost forgot it was there.

I can feel my entire body doing better when I walk. 

Photo from Yoga U

There are many step by step YouTube videos you can check out. 

A foam roller is a great way to massage away backaches, I can hear my back crack, I know I'm getting into the nooks and crannies. I use it at the end of the day, it helps me sleep much better. I also sit on the roller to massage my ass, it helps digestion. If you have bloating concerns, you might want to read what I wrote about it. Making small changes to eating habits can make such a huge difference. 

This photo isn't photoshopped or edited for size. This is a make up free photo 

I asked a Traditional Chinese Medicine doctor about the maintenance of breast health, she told me to use acupressure (acupuncture points without the needles). The two main acupuncture points are Shan Zhong Point 膻中穴 and Breast Root Point 乳根穴. By using your fingers to gently massage them clockwise, it helps blood flow, firm them, get the lymph nodes working brilliantly. 

Remember to be kind to your body, our bodies hear us and would stop serving us when we're rude. Just like being rude to the overworked waitress, it's a big no-no, she's gonna give you the stink eye for sure.

When I talk to my body with kindness, it always respond back with kindness, it does exactly what I want. I expect it to serve me and not me be a slave to it. It needs some assistance once in a while and that's fine, but I'm not begrudgingly shackled to it, stressed out about prettiness as my reason for existence. 

Also, breasts are naturally of different shapes and sizes, all shapes and sizes are yum ones, nipples are different colours, it is also normal, also yum. 

Self love always involves self kindness, remember this. 

Eshet chayil, God is a She



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