Upcycle Performance Art Wristlet You Can Actually Use

We all have random sized pouches laying around, they might be white elephant gifts or gifts with purchase, they're not big enough to fit everything and such a waste to throw away! 

Here's how to upcycle them into a bag you can bring out, sure to be the envy of your friends. The fun in DIY is creating a conversation, I often have people ask me where I got this and where I got that. People stop me on the streets to photograph me, discuss my art with me all the time. 

From these discussions, we also draw like minded people, connect with others, it's all good fun! 

What you do is gather those in the same colour family, for example here is red and orange, match with a neutral one such as grey. This works best when the motifs are different, understated stripes with Japanese golden origami and bohemian free spiritedness.


Repurpose unused keychains or use the ring part only 

Create a hanging loop for pouches without one, using fabric with the same colour theme. It's all about unity, coming full cycle, the vibration is about completion.

If the fabric is thin, use a larger piece and fold it a few times. 

Awesome stuff! 

 Sew the loop to the pouch, combine together with the rest. Stagger the keychains so the bags will end up stacking, with some parts of each showing, play around with it until you find the combination you like! 

Wala, you're ready to bring it out! The best part is you can add more if you find any more laying around. 

Here's how it sound look. 

When you walk, it sways, so different colours show at different times, the keychains add visual impact, it's ALIVE, it's ALIVE! This gives a performance art element to the bag, it's no longer static, it's bright static electricity LOL.  

It's also now big enough to carry out, you can put different things in each pouch.

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