Get The L Out Asia Manifesto (Group renamed as Asian Femifesto)

I'm the founder of Get The L Out Asia, a grassroots volunteer organisation that believe true lesbian independence can only be found in solidarity with feminists. 

Inspired by Get The L Out UK, who sounded the alarm about how trans ideology has affected lesbians, including trans activists starting the idea of cotton ceiling, referring to cotton panties (how lesbian existence is a threat to T+ advancement, similar to the workplace glass ceiling that prevent the advancement of minorities), trans activists led by trans women have been calling young lesbians who refuse to date or sleep with them as transphobic, distorting trans rights as an excuse for abusive behaviours. 

According to their research, 

Since 2011, girls represent the majority of children referred to gender identity clinics with a rise of more than 4000% in the UK in the last 10 years (from 40 girls under 18 in 2009/2010 to 1806 in 2017/2018)

95% of of girls referred to gender identity clinics and persisted in gender dysphoria in the Netherlands in 2013 disclose being exclusively same-sex attracted.

These girls are offered cross-sex hormones by the age of 16 & surgery as young as 18.

Most women who detransitioned felt they were given inadequate counselling and information about transitioning.

Their research LESBIANS AT GROUND ZERO revealed that lesbians are routinely being coerced into sexual relations with transwomen. The report includes findings of a survey which shows lesbians are under huge pressure within GBT communities to accept without question that “transwoman are women.” 

Lesbians who responded to the survey reported a wide variety of sexual violence by transwomen, including sexual harassment, sexual assault and rape.

Get the L Out UK calls on mainstream LGBT organisations to take a stand against the harassment and assault of lesbians by “transwomen”, describing the current situation as akin to ‘corrective rape’ and ‘conversion therapy.

You can download the full report here

Trans ideology has also resulted in other things

1. Transing of lesbian and gay history. Co-opting lesbian and gay struggles for their own means, without giving the appropriate credit, most noticeably is the transing of butch biracial lesbian Stormé DeLarverie. Marsha P. Johnson and Sylvia Rivera are also frequently touted as the first to start the Stonewall riots instead of Stormé, even though there's documentation on tape, where Marsha himself (he identifies as a gay man, also as a transvestite) admits he arrived later with Slyvia.

It was also in the name of the organisation they found, called S.T.A.R. (Street Transvestite Action Revolutionaries). There're confirmed plans to build a monument of them in NYC, with much news honouring them as transgenders instead of gay men.

Talks of a Stormé statue isn't on the table. 

Of note, they were all active during a time when puberty blockers, hormone replacement and sex reassignment surgery isn't an option like it is now. If you were to google Stormé, you will also notice, as I did, that there is far less news of her than the both of them. 

Lesbians have been overshadowed by men in the movement for centuries. 

2. Erasure of lesbians. Pressuring lesbians to self name as genderqueer, non-binary, queer, etc. anything other than lesbian. This has added to the confusion of young women who question their orientation, grapple with esteem or have poor body image. They're peer pressured to refrain from seeking the wisdom of older lesbians who have reconciled the expectations of visual gender performances with who they're inside. This has led to the fragmentation of lesbian and feminist solidarity. A string of female and male detransitioners have started speaking up in recent years as well, about how they all had internalised homophobia and found it hard to recognise, hard to find LGB women and men to role model after because queer doesn't always mean LGB, they don't have the experience to assist them. 

3. Demonisation of lesbians, feminists and gender critical women. By coming up with TERF (Trans Exclusionary Radical Feminist) and weaponising this to express violence against women, including death threats, doxxing, filing law suits, online and offline harassment towards women, this term is now classified as a slur, just like how bitch, whore, slut, feminazi, man hater, witch have been used to demonise women. 

Women of all orientations who spoke up have been deplatformed, harassed, fired from jobs and sued. Lesbians are especially under siege, seen as betrayers of the LBGT community for speaking up, facing lesphobia and racism (for WOC lesbians) that often comes with misogynistic and racist attitudes from within the community and from outside the community as well.

Often rendered politically homeless, finding lesbian or women only physical or online safe places are disappearing as we speak, there're only that many spaces left and they're under siege in multiple ways including T+ as well. Lesbian bars, same sex dating apps like HER, sex segregated swimming pools, social media lesbian and feminist groups are disappearing, along with it are safe places for vulnerable women, sisterly support and the resistance is weakened. 


We see many global examples of women being ousted from public spaces, to hold talks about feminism, lesbianism and women's issues. One of them is the Vancouver Adhoc Committee of Women for Women and the Lesbian Collective of Vancouver spoke in favour of a policy that upholds democratic values such as freedom of assembly, expression, and speech. The Coalition Against Trans Antagonism (CATA) urged the board to amend their draft policy to prevent gender critical feminists from using the library’s public rental space.

Some out lesbians, all with long histories of dedication to human rights have come under attack. 

This is not a full list, here's some out of the 50 women I found so far. Many women have been permanently banned from Twitter as well, I'm one of them. 

Julie Beck, US 

Dr Julia Long and Ms Anne Ruzylo, UK

Joanna Cherry, Edinburgh  

Linda Bellos, UK 

Dr Holly Lawford-Smith, Australia 

Ani O’Brien, New Zealand 

Gaye Chapman, owner of, US  

Putting their careers, overall wellbeing and social life on the line, they have continued to speak up. 

4. Triangulation. Triangulation is a manipulative method used by abusers, to alienate and isolate survivors from the people who can help them, using the struggles of vulnerable people against them to ramp up abuse, this is something that causes CPTSD, I noticed this happening from TRAs on a regular basis. 

I had CPTSD from male violence as a teen myself so I'm familiar with their abusive techniques, it's extremely alarming to see this happening, we must take an uncompromising stance on abuse. 

5. Smear campaign. Smear campaign is another manipulative method where lies are told about activists who sound the alarm, misinformation is spread about groups, distortions are made to facts and access to helpful information is kept hidden, such as the existence of detransitioners, trans widows (women abandoned by trans women), the possibly of dysphoria being linked to autism, eating disorders, trauma or how non invasive methods like therapy is always the first option, not irreversible medical harm (permanent sterilisation is one of the side effects of puberty blockers) as the first choice. 

Big Pharma and Big Business lobbying is fuelling the T+ movement, it is not solely an organic movement born out of a passion for civil rights, but also a capitalistic marketing campaign to sell puberty blockers, hormone replacement and sex reassignment surgery to exploit already vulnerable women. 

An expert on narcissistic abuse recovery Melanie Tonia Evans explains why narcissists are so believable. 

"And this is the thing, narcissists have no conscience and boundaries. They are capable of saying literally ‘anything’ to people to get them on-side. This is what normal adults think when hearing the narcissists lies, ‘Someone who looks me in the eye and tells me this terrible information, wouldn’t make up something like this. It must be true!” And narcissists are so convincing when they do it, they know how to manipulate people and have them eating of their hands (which the ex-narcissist used to tell me how skilled he was at doing). And he was, like many narcissists."

6. Gay and bi men who speak up are also attacked. Trans ideology is only sustainable when homosexuality is eradicated, it is modern day conversion therapy. 

The recently formed LBG alliance in the UK have been slammed on all fronts. 

Bev Jackson, co-founder of the Gay Liberation Front and spokesperson for LGB Alliance, told The Independent: “​We did not, do not, exclude trans people. Several trans people attended the meeting, one as a guest speaker. We are not attacking trans people.

"Our group focuses on sexual orientation. This has become necessary, because lesbians in particular, and recently gay men too, are suffering from the confusion between sex and gender. Lesbians and gay men are people who are attracted to others of the same sex. I fought for their rights to be respected fifty years ago and am sad that I need to defend those rights again today."

It is out of concern for females that we're speaking up, I believe all the people above are just as concerned too. We're not against trans rights, access to healthcare, self naming or having safe spaces, it is because we want them to get the help they need, if any, consider the possibility of internalised homophobia or other possible issues impeding them from self love instead of taking a detour. 

Various groups of Get The L Out have sprouted up, we now have Get The L Out Spain, Get The L Out Sweden, with more to come I hope. 

Find us on Facebook, Instagram, TumblerSpinster and Quora

Eshet chayil, God is a She. 


More about me here

Cotton Ceiling art found here

Photo of lesbian Clare Dimyon with Stormé found here.


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