Wearing The Unicorn Preppy Look As A Form Of Creative Uprising

The Rainbow Unicorn

Aaahh this look is what got the ball rolling back to my college days as a fashion student, my loved one was gushing about my DIY patched jeans using Sashiko, she was encouraging me to put a full look together.

The rainbow is about acceptance and diversity, our body suits are all physically coloured differently, yet our spirits know nothing except I AM, we're all ultimately spiritual beings.

Being a snowflake isn't always a bad thing, sometimes people mistaken hardworking idealists like me for naive people, they suspect we're wasting our time as frivolous dreamers. 

When it will be the snowflakes that bury the toxicity of the world 6 feet under, we're a storm and we're here to smash the patriarchy. 

The truth is we're reaching for greatness, purpose and meaning in all we do. We're looking for more, we're not settling and we're determined to persist in resisting. 

And that's tough, it takes time to self discover, it's a lot of effort, it takes great resiliency to mobilise people and forge our way through together to a better tomorrow. 

Realistic idealism allows us to see the goodness in people, create change using concrete steps and keep on battling social discrimination, it's way worse to live a miserable judgemental life, filled with constant condemnation and see people as irredeemable. 

Colours keep me hopeful, it's a way to riot not diet, to create a ruckus to disrupt a system that's so terribly flawed, the more we know, the more disillusioned we can become. 

A reminder to take charge of your mental health, it's so important to our overall wellbeings, we all function as valuable members of society and we all are born worthy, we do not need to earn worth. 

We can disrupt using colours to attack black and white rigid gender conforming that subject us to stifling boxes, when we see how safe yet boring that life is, we don't want it, we also want to feel secure at the same time. 

It's hard, it's really hard to not buy in, when so many do and so many prefer to live in self denial as well. 

If you're a fatty like me, you might think that dressing in black would shrink you immediately. When using only dark colours not just comes across as a dull basic bitch move that robs you of the joy you can derive from dressing up.

It's one of those idea that hides everything, it also doesn't emphasis anything as well. It drowns your beautiful body behind a cloud of usually loose cover up shame, you know what I'm talking about, we see fatties do that all the time! A shame everyone who is also trying to quit dieting knows, a shame I know too well myself, I have done it too! 

Instead of keeping small, let's think big instead, let's gently coach our bodies back into embracing its most emotionally stable and highest performing form instead. 

To achieve this look, think pearls, tennis shoes, neat hair, Stepford wife-ish pastel colours. Comfortable and relaxed but also annoyingly nose up in the air clueless about the suffering of the underprivileged.

Tune into that irritation, stop denying yourself how much they bother you, arrgggghhhh they're so sheltered, they have no clue what you're going through! 

If they fat shame you, shame on them instead! 

Then think rioting, loud prints, a fun clashing mash of colours all over, cancelling all the mundane repetition of gender norms out!

A boxy structured bag is poking fun at how boxed up they're, the tennis shoes in pastel is mocking the rich people play only tennis or golf idea. It's double the fun if you really do play both like me and don't like their pompous arses as well. LOL.

Other than our social station in life, we're often judged by the activities we pursue, think gated country club with exclusive memberships to keep the riff-raff out versus segregation to public facilities. By mixing frayed jeans with pearls, the contrast is the war between protest freedom of the streets and transparent glass houses of corporate bigwigs who keep throwing stones at the little people. 

A quick tip to neaten this look is folding up the shirt sleeves and a simple hairdo in a high bouncy ponytail that's collegiate cheerleader inspired. Put on a pair of colourful sunglasses to complete the look! 

I went minimum make up for this look, I wear make up on some days and on other days I completely go make up free. I feel the same either way about myself on all days, that's the magic of inner peace and joy that comes from cultivating an open heart, the ability to see strength from small doable places. 

I hope by putting together a similar look, you carry a secret inside your heart as you go about your day, knowing it's totally OK to plan your wardrobe like you plan other areas of your life. Please share with me if you do, I would look to see the variations, I enjoy seeing people express themselves.

Doing little things that can help you develop your style that comes from a deeper more meaningful place will help you understand yourself better, you look good, feel good and gain wisdom from daily living. 

I advocate not buying new things and taking out existing ones, learning new mixing and matching skills, see if you can breath new life into them instead. I'm also going to share more DIY tips where we can repurpose and upcycle old items into surprising interesting ones so follow me at the links below! 

We often don't utilise our purchases to the maximum or buy similar duplicates because we forgot. This stems over consumption, reduce potential debt from overspending and stop impulse buying, when we have less volume, it makes for easier living as well. 

Eshet chayil, God is a She. 



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