Valentine's Day Couple Bonding Magic Set


Customised for existing couples or people looking for love, used to deepen an existing bond or to draw soulmate/Twin Flame romance into your life.

Great for creating a relaxing atmosphere for cozy bedroom time. Used for deepening a spiritual bond through tantric level multiple orgasm sex so hot, it only exist in some people's dreams, so sizzling hot it can't be mentioned here. 

Mandarin Ducks are the epitome of long lasting love in the animal kingdom, usually found as a pair, they mate for life. The lotus is a symbol of endurance, known for overcoming difficulties, cooperating and working together to forge a better future as one. 

A pair of Rose Quartz hand carved Mandarin Ducks on Lotus Leaf 

Mandarin Duck - 38-42 mm, width 25-30 mm, height 23-28 mm (each)

Lotus Leaf - 63mm X 52mm X 8mm

10 scented incense cones 

2 orange candles 

1 lucky red thread 

1 original love spell instruction 

Packaged in a sealed Kraft bag 

Free tracked shipping within Singapore, reach within 3 days 

International shipping coming soon 


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