Suss Out Rats Salty Besom


A Besom is a witch's broom meant for cleansing energy, it sweeps the evil eye away, help you intuit out the villains in your life.

This one is enhanced with a spell for helping people gain courage to chase away disloyal human rats. 

Made from dried lemongrass with a coconut handle, pre soaked in Moon Water and bath grade magnesium mix, it has a surprise hidden treasure of a 375 sliver mouse pendant.

Unseen when on display, it looks like an innocent ornament. 

Finished with two toned twine for laughing at the devil, brew ha ha, it is traditionally made like human sized brooms, tied securely with hand painted crystal glitter. 

Lemongrass and coconut is a potent combination, both are used in smudge sticks, consumed for it's health properties. Being salty is A-OK to those who harm first, magnesium has a long legacy of assisting us with casting out all kinds of ills from our lives! 

Used for sweeping a space that troubles you but you can't pinpoint why, help you figure out who're the Good Samaritans within that space. 

160mm - 170mm height X 38mm wide 

mouse is 26mm tall 

Choose from Mint Green and Yellow or Ombré Pink and Blue 

free tracked shipping within Singapore, overseas shipping unavailable 


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