Longevity Rose Quartz Tortoise


This tortoise is slow and steady, symbolic of long life, it is excellent for learning how to pace yourself, slow and steady wins the race is a real thing.

If you lack consistency in your life, tend to over commit or fear taking risks to get out  of your comfort zone, this is the rose quartz for you.

It reminds you of focusing on mindful long term goals instead of short term instantly gratifying ones made in haste, running at your own speed will get you to the finish line as you see your competitors drop out of the marathon, you end up crossing the finish line to victory! 

Revered in Asian culture, it is also called Xuanwu in Chinese, Genbu in Japanese, Huyền Vũ in Vietnamese and Hyeonmu or Hyunmoo in Korean, it's one of the important Four Symbols of Chinese constellations. 

Tortises can live up to 255 years and grow up to 417 kg (919 lb), WOWZA! They get the last laugh alright, outlasting all the other species, evolving and growing with changing conditions. 

Rose quartz is the ultimate genuine unconditional love crystal, a must for every spiritualist, meditator, witch or yoga practitioner. Use it to change the energy in the room, revive bed death or meditate with. 

100% crystal 

length 38-42 mm, width 25-30 mm, height 23-28 mm


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