Owl Always Love You Rose Quartz Wisdom


The owl is an excellent spirit animal to have, especially if you feel lost and need direction in your life. Owls are wise enough to find their own idiosyncrasies a hoot, she provides assurance that being weird and feeling out of place in a lower conscious world is a sign of wisdom and not a sign of weakness.

This owl brings back the innocent childlike curiosity in us instead of self judgment, a wise friend is a treasure and she's here for keeps. She's going to remind you that uniqueness is a treasure, to not withhold the brilliance of your authentic self but share it with the world instead. 

Rose quartz is the ultimate genuine unconditional love crystal, a must for every spiritualist, meditator, witch or yoga practitioner. Use it to change the energy in the room, revive bed death or meditate with. 

100% crystal 

40 X 28 X 20mm

Handcrafted front and back 

1-2mm variation is normal 

Free tracked shipping within Singapore 


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