Golden God of Gamblers Prosperity Packet


Good sport gambling during Lunar New Year is a must, whether it's Mahjong, Blackjack or Poker. 

A discreet way to usher in prosperity is using a Hong Bao (Red Packet). 

Inside this charm packet is a laminated enchanted gold flakes poker card. I initially got the deck from an obscure shop in Beijing. I added an energy boost to draw good samaritans from North South East West using East meets West magic. 

It's designed to maximise your intuition via Third Eye receptivity, using a awaken 3 eyed Triquetra to watch over you. 

Mixed with Moon Water magnesium charged rice, my proprietary blend of rare herbs and crystal shavings, as well as layered hidden spiritual messages within the art, it will help you sense who is a villain and who is your friend. 

You can place it in your Mahjong drawer, put in your wallet, place it on your altar while praying or gift it to a friend who needs a boost this year. 

All my items are prayed for at my altar, surrounded by incense, aromatherapy, crystals, herbs, guarded by many Gods, ancestors and a team of animal spirits. 

Remember to bring it to your games! Brew ha ha to those who dare to mess with your golden brick road! 

Photo is before lamination, cards are laminated before sending out

Card front is a traditional lunar new year harmonious scene, where all are taken care of, just like God watches over you always 

Herbs are packaged in a separate ziplock bag, both housed in a portable convenient red packet, not to be used separately 

Free tracked shipping within Singapore, overseas shipping unavailable. 


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