Focus Pocus Air 🜁 + Earth 🜃 Talisman Maker Guide


Focus Pocus invokes the air and earth elements for the benefits of focus, clarity, motivation and follow through

Suitable if you have trouble focusing, struggle to make swift decisions, lose resolve quickly or get distracted easily

Look......a plane!

You deserve to live a life of conviction and direction, achieve your goals smoothly without interference, to live freely on your own terms

Used for calling on the Air + Earth elements for spiritual guidance.

If you're thinking of changing careers, at a crossroad of life, this acts as a compass to enlighten your path 

You can DIY it for personal use or for selling

This digital Maker Guide includes 

- how to invoke 4 Earth, Fire, Water, Air elements, using 4 North, South, East, West directions 

- setting the table for casting

- casting magical circle information

- detailed list of ingredients and alternatives

- DIY step by step instructions

- 1 unique incantation

- 2 affirmation spells 

- proprietary manifesting method

Immediately downloadable, a copy sent to email

This talisman is created from scratch, as is the recipe

Completed physical product available here


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