Sacred Fibonacci Crystal Grid Board


The Fibonacci Sequence, also called the golden ratio or golden number, is naturally found in many animals and plants. 

By meditating on sacred geometry, pondering the specialness inside all of us and around all of us. While using crystals to create endless crystal grids, it can help you rise vibrations to manifest all the miracles of your deepest desires! 

It helps you expand your mind to increase psychic flow, recharge a defeatist mentality into a victor mentality, silence negative intrusive thoughts and have more gratitude for the massive global life force that gives us all that we need.

By bringing elements like crystals into your home, admiring the complex beauty that the creator made, you also understand your own beauty as well. 

Remember you're a precious child watched over by many you might not know and might not see, the universe is always conspiring to feed your highest greatest good. 

As me to you. 


100mm diameter, 3mm thickness 

Free tracked shipping within Singapore, arrive within 3 days 

International shipping available soon 


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