4 Elements Magic Talking Stick Kit


A talking stick or talking staff can be used to facilitate a Magic Circle, support group or for homeschooling your kids about boundaries, consent, the importance of cooperation. 

It nurtures listening skills, gives everyone room to shine, fosters equality, cultivates a habit of caring and sharing. 

The four elements are air (feather/bells), fire (reds/orange/armour), earth (wool, brass, leather), water (blue/soft leather/velvet).

Check out my 4 Elements Magic Circle Talking Stick Tutorial using this kit 

Included in this kit

1200 mm (2 metres) long thick high quality purple/pink/white Australian wool yarn 

1200 mm (2 metres) long thin rainbow New Zealand yarn 

A genuine soft black lamb's leather piece, approximately 74mm x 105mm large (A7) 

30mm (1/2 metre) genuine tanned hard leather cow hide

30 mm (1/2 metre) maroon velvet ribbon 

Genuine spotted eagle feather 

1 gold vintage Pagan flower button 

2 brass Celtic design findings, viking armour and flower of life 

2 bells of different colours 

150 mm fringe trim in blue 

Used to wrap a 13-15 inches, approx. 33 to 38 cm stick 

Packaged in a Kraft bag

Free tracking shipping within Singapore, overseas shipping unavailable until further updates 


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