Luna is a digital nomad, passionate about holistic healing via omni spirituality. 

She's an expert mediator with 7 years of experience, hikes for exercise and enjoys travelling around the globe. 

A multi talented artist who writes, illustrates and sews, a wholesome not-that-kind-of Christian for 26 years.

She thought she led a full life until she hit rock bottom in 2016, shaken to the core. 

She dated a manipulative liar, was sexually assaulted by a random new doctor, fell and broke her ankle due to someone else's intentional negligence. 

The accumulated stress triggered 36 years of suppressed PTSD.

Along with that was a Kundalini awakening in Japan, when she saw a vision of her Twin Flame projected from her third eye into the sky, shining like a North Star to guide her out of the tunnel of clinical depression and social anxiety on top of PTSD. 


Many octo-balls of fire in Kyoto Japan

She needed two major surgeries and an implant, she now beeps when she passes airport security, something that tickles her to no end. She also has a limp, that leg is never the same again. 

The horror of spiritual warfare  

The worst year of her life was a rebirth, the start to a new life, a life she truly wanted, not one she was programmed to take on. Not the life her parents, partner, peers or society wanted for her, which was already pretty darn good and she knew it. 

A life she worked hard for and was proud of, that life had to go. 

That was the start of a committed complete spiritual renewal, daily healing and a revamp of an already admired first world life. 

It was all based on a simple life changing miracle that the Goddess made to her, that she will be healed and whole, that she will be free from the bondage to this world. 

Within 1 year, she was free, riding a wave of daily rapid manifestations that exceeded her wildest imagination. An experience so profound and moving that she can't refuse the world this magic. 

Along the way, she has taken up to 7D consciousness. 

Realising how strong her psychic gifts were was a bonus, it explained to her why she was able to get two higher education degrees, a list of various certifications, win a wall of athletic medals before age 12, worked for global firms and do regular volunteer work since she was a teen. 

The problem is like many over achievers, she did so well because she was caught up in autopilot frantic busyness, she knew how to push herself beyond her limits.

Overworking robbed her of joy and peace, she was doing well socially, she was admired, revered, even worshipped, yet she wasn't enjoying her life. 

She blamed herself for all of it as well, feeling like an utter failure, a good for nothing loser, who deserved the punishing hell of self punishment. 

There is such a thing as being too strong for too many, at some point, you get pushed off the cliff into The Dark Night Of The Soul.

When you're not someone who screws up often, someone who does the right thing behind the scenes and in front of people. It can really make you question your worldview when it didn't translate to inner peace and lasting happiness. 

She was used to having bouts of depression, periods of suicide ideation since she was a teen. She survived two post male violence ( same perp) suicide attempts, each time she desperately prayed for divine intervention, each time she managed to scrape through without hospitalisation. 

When she told her therapist in her 20s, she was questioned about it. She also couldn't explain it then, other that a sudden calmness took over her, she felt no more fear. 

From a sobbing mess determined to end her life, trapped and afraid, too young to work, with nowhere to go, too flustered to think straight, she was totally still in a spilt second. 

She came home to something important then, that something was the center of her being. 

Misdiagnosed with bipolar in 2007, she tried every method under the sun to find a cure, from psychiatric medication to therapy to aromatherapy to vitamins to exercise and much more, she exhausted all avenues. She fell more ill instead, become a shadow of her former self.  

Disillusioned and in despair, burdened with a deep fatigue of the soul, she was resigned to her fate, that her mental health will always be lousy. She was coping and there're many people who had it worse, it was not the end of the world. 

She had purpose and she always went after what she wanted, she soldiered on like she always did, it's not OK OK but it was a bearable life. 

She discovered it was CPTSD in 2017, also via prompting of the spirit, a visit to several doctors confirmed it. It's a huge relief to know what's going on, finally everything made sense to her. 

Everything was synchronised, falling into place with a force so unstoppable, it can only be otherworldly. 

She did a stint in fashion, worked for fortune 100 global advertising firms, loved the creativity, found the superficiality intolerable.

So, decided to leave a lucrative job with a bright future to pursue her first love - social service. 

A volunteer activist since 1994, she became a certified trainer to peer mental health counsellors along the way. By 2019, she has 25 years of activism experience, including 12 years of mental health advocacy, 4 years in trauma recovery and worked for global to mid sized social welfare organisations in various managerial positions. 

 Treetop ziplining across 30 stations in Changmai, Thailand

Biking in Rottnest Island, Western Australia 

                                                       Biking in Singapore  

Stallion for a madam in Bali 

No, she isn't a human ninja turtle, although she sure wears loads of helmets, sheroes in a hard shell, turtle power! 

No helmet required for skydiving though......one of the weird human things. 

Skydiving in Jurien Bay, Western Australia

Luna Salix is her baby, a creation born out of yet another revelation that also came to her in early 2016, when her partner asked her, "if you can do anything, what would it be?", she said "write", that became "heal". 

She gave up everything else against the massive disbelief and disapproval of all. Everyone thought she was mad to start all over again at 36, she was confident she could revamp herself, she never felt so ready. 

She was sick of prioritising everyone, seeking their approval and always pleasing them, she wanted to try and put herself first......for once. 

She lived her entire life being a nice girl, always doing the right thing, towing the line, staying in her lane, being the bigger person, avoiding trouble. 

This made her likeable, yet there was also a lingering vague idea that something was missing. It's how hard it took for people to even see her as a virtuous woman even though she was always a doormat pushover who did everything for them. 

When she was always on the losing end of things and knew it, how is it that people still fail to see her goodness?

That's what led her to feminism. 

This is a website she started when she hit rock bottom in 2016, it has since been revamped in 2019, with over 500 articles about abuse, family dysfunctions, women issues archived. 

She is a spiritual feminist injoy, a holistic healer who shares truth, a fearless activist killjoy, who doesn't shy away from controversy.

She believes when we have enough courage to challenge ourselves with difficult conversations, enough empathy to hold space for each other, that's when magic happens. 

She spent 5 years researching abuse as a passion quest, with the objective of getting into an abuser's mindset and healing abused women like herself who have the tendency to be drawn to them, trying to rescue them, while self sabotaging. 

The women who she sees as sheroes yet can't see their own strengths through the mind fog of patriarchal social programming, the women like the old her. 

Rock bottom in 2016

Rising - learning to sit with pain

Rising - some good days 

Rising - taking writing classes

Rising - some good days, some bad days

2019 make up free 

A spiritualist first, a healer second and a feminist third, all things led by spirit is an edifying beautiful life.

She now experiences great satisfaction, a life filled with meaning and purpose, surrounded by people who care for her genuinely, it's a holistic balanced life of blessings galore. 

Finally at peace and in joy, her inner world is one of flourishing abundance, she believes the spirit is the most powerful force on the planet, it's silly to not tap into it. 

Something unthinkable for someone who struggled with her mental health all her life is now manifested into reality. 

A miracle has happened.

The sacrifices are great, the rewards are breathtaking. 

The promises are real, the magic is all around us! 

Love Light Peace,

Luna Salix

Instagram: luna_salix