Chakra Spinner Meditation Oil

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The Story
I developed this line of essential oil roll ons to help me in my own meditative practice. I spent 6 years developing this as I learned meditation as a tool to regain my health and find self love.
It begin as a depression & anxiety cure, I bought a couple bottles of essential oils to test them out. It didn't quite hit the mark (I wish), so I kept experimenting.
I noticed how much smoother my life was, how much calmer it made me, it helped the people around me cooperate more as well. I finally understood what the flow and rhythm of life meant. 
I realised how much easier it was for me compared to the rest of the students in my meditation group so I developed this as a quick aid to help people master healing their chakras.
You can use this as a high vibrational tool to spiritually aligned, attain successive manifestations while seeking the genuine self love we all yearn for deep inside.